2018 New York Mets Draft Tracker

By Dilip Sridhar

July 4, 2018 No comments

The following is a comprehensive list of the New York Mets’ selections in the 2018 Major League Baseball First-Year Player Draft, coupled with pertinent information, and, eventually, a link to their MMN profiles. This page will be updated frequently, so be sure to refresh as the picks come in.

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Round 1, Pick 6 — Jarred Kelenic

Height/Weight: 6’1″, 196 LBS

Bats/Throws: Left/Left

Baseball America Rank: 12

MLB Pipeline Rank: 10

MMN Report: http://metsminors.net/mets-draft-high-school-of-jarred-kelenic-with-sixth-overall-pick/

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05io-RPX0Vw&t=2s 

Keith Law of ESPN: “He has a good, consistent swing that produces plus raw power, and he’s at least fast enough to go out as a center fielder. I believe he’ll hit for average too, but it’s tough to say that with confidence, given the poor competition he has faced this spring.”

Indicated Signing? 

Yes, he is definitely signing. The Mets will also save some money with this pick and in exchange, Kelenic will be able to get better player option as reported by Stephen Watson. Jim Callis of MLB Pipeline reported that Kelenic will sign for $4.5 million, nearly $1 million below slot. 

Round 2, Pick 48 — Simeon Woods Richardson

Height/Weight: 6’4″, 210 LBS

Bats/Throws: Right/Right

Date of Birth: 9/27/2000

Baseball America: 76

MLB Pipeline Rank: 160

MMN Report: http://metsminors.net/mets-select-rhp-woods-richardson-in-the-2nd-round/

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4qgLwDyT41E

Indicated Signing?

Yes, the Mets likely spoke to him before this and agreed on a dollar amount beforehand. 

Round 3, Pick 83 — Carlos Cortes 

Height/Weight: 5’8″, 185 LBS

Bats/Throws: Left/Switch

Position: 2B

Date of Birth: 6/30/1997

Baseball America Rank: 177

MLB Pipeline: Unranked

MMN Report: http://metsminors.net/mets-select-2b-cortes-in-third-round/

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pz1pO6aLZwU

Indicated Signing?

Yes, he has indicated that he will be going to the pros. 

Round 4, Pick 110 — Adam Hill

Height/Weight: 6’5″, 215 LBS

Position: RHP

Date of Birth: 3/24/1997

Baseball America Rank: 81

MLB Pipeline Rank: 139

MMN Report: http://metsminors.net/mets-select-rhp-adam-hill-in-the-fourth-round/

Indicated Signing? 

Yes, like his teammate Cortes, he will be signing with the team. 

Round 5, Pick 140 — Ryley Gilliam

Height/Weight: 5’10, 175 LBS

Position: RHP

Date of Birth: 8/11/1996

Baseball America: 207

MLB Pipeline Rank: 127

MMN Report: http://metsminors.net/mets-select-ryley-gilliam-in-fifth-round/

Video: https://twitter.com/burkegranger/status/1004069323164602368

Indicated Signing? 

Yes, Gilliam will sign with the club and should move through the ranks quickly. 

Round 6, Pick 170 — Nick Meyer

Height/Weight: 6’2″, 200 LBS

Position: C

Date of Birth: 2/18/1997 

Baseball America: 186

MLB.com: 167

MMN Report: http://metsminors.net/mets-select-nick-meyer-in-sixth-round/

Indicated Signing? 

Yes, he has indicated that he will be signing.  

Round 7, Pick 200 — Kevin Smith

Height/Weight: 6’5″, 233 LBS

Position: LHP

Date of Birth: 5/13/1997

Baseball America: Unranked

MLB Pipeline: Unranked

Jim Callis: 88-92 MPH on his fastball, 94 MPH on in the Cape Cod League. Has excellent spin rate on his pitches.

Indicated Signing? 

Yes, he will be signing for full slot value. 

Round 8, Pick 230 — Tylor Megill

Height/Weight: 6’6″, 230 LBS

Position: RHP

Date of Birth: 7/28/1995

Baseball America: 396

MLB Pipeline: Unranked

Perfect Game (2013): “Tylor Megill is a 2014 RHP with a 6-7 215 lb. frame from seal beach , CA who attends Los Alamitos. XL frame, very tall, long lean athletic build, great pitcher’s build. Pitches from a high three quarters arm slot with medium length arm action. Loose arm action, low effort delivery, arm works well with good extension out front. Good downhill leverage, leverage combines with extension to give fastball late life. Good command to glove side, throws strikes on arm side as well, heavy tailing action on fastball. Hard spin rate on curveball which flashes hard sudden break, 11-5 shape and inconsistent but flashes plus at times. Big upside as he refines his delivery, high quality arm and two pitch mix at present with very high ceiling. Good student.”

Indicated Signing? 

Yes, he has said that he will be signing. 

Round 9, Pick 260 — Bryce Montes de Oca

Height/Weight: 6’7, 265 LBS

Position: RHP

Date of Birth: 4/23/1996

MLB Pipeline: 138

Baseball America: 154

MMN Report: http://metsminors.net/mets-select-bryce-montes-de-oca-and-manny-rodriguez-in-ninth-tenth-rounds/

Indicated Signing? 

Montes de Oca said will be turning professional. 

Round 10, Pick 290 — Manny Rodriguez 

Height/Weight: 5’10”, 165 LBS

Position: SS

Date of Birth: 7/4/1996

Jim Callis believes he has the arms and range to stick at shortstop going forward and can hit for some power down the line. His slugging jumped more than .200 points between the last two seasons at the University of Cincinnati.

SB Nation wrote about his sudden rise in power over this past season. The Mets would hope that it keeps up.

MMN Report: http://metsminors.net/mets-select-bryce-montes-de-oca-and-manny-rodriguez-in-ninth-tenth-rounds/

Indicated Signing?

Yes, the Brooklyn boy will be coming to the Mets. 

Round 11, Pick 320 — Franklin Parra

Height/Weight: 6’1″, 170 LBS

Position: LHP

Date of Birth: 9/13/1999

BA: Ranked 29 in the State of NY


The local lefty out of Long Island will be signing with the team.

Round 12, Pick 350 — Ross Adolph 

Height/Weight: 6’1″, 192 LBS

Position: OF 

Date of Birth: 12/17/1996 


Yes, Adolph indicated on Twitter than he plans on joining the Mets. 

Round 13, Pick 380 — Christian Tripp

Height/Weight: 6’7, 216 LBS

Position: RHP

Date of Birth: 3/13/1997

Baseball America Rank: 460


Yes, Tripp will become a Met. 

Round 14, Pick 410 — Andrew Mitchell

Height/Weight: 6’0″, 190 LBS

Position: LHP

Date of Birth: 10/23/1994

Player Page: http://www.auburntigers.com/sports/m-basebl/mtt/andrew_mitchell_986672.html


Yes, he posted on Twitter that he will head to the pros. 

Round 15, Pick 440 — Nick Capra

Height/Weight: 5’10, 205

Position: C

Date of Birth: 10/1/1996

Baseball America: Ranked 27th in New York.


Yes, he will be signing. 

Round 16, Pick 470 — L.A. Woodard

Height/Weight: 5’11”, 165 LBS

Position: SS

Date of Birth: 6/13/1997

From Assistant Coach, Tim Donnelly:

“‘He’s a really athletic kid who has a lot of bat speed and good hands, good defender,’ said Donnelly. ‘He’s a patient leadoff hitter that sees the strike zone well, and that doesn’t strikeout as much. He will bring in a leader’s mentality to this team next year, great kid and great student as he currently has a 4.0 GPA.'”


Yes, he will become a Met. 

Round 17, Pick 500 — Allan Winans

Height/Weight: 6’2″, 175 LBS

Position: RHP

Date of Birth: 8/10/1995


Yes, he will become a Met. 

Round 18, Pick 530 — Chase Chambers

Height/Weight: 6’1″, 250

Bats/Throws: Left/Left

Position: 1B

Date of Birth: 8/22/1995

Baseball America: Ranked 16th in Tennessee.

Round 19, Pick 560 — Tommy Wilson

Height/Weight: 6’3″, 210 LBS

Position: RHP

Date of Birth: 5/26/1996

Baseball America: Ranked 74th in Southern California.


Yes, he has indicated that he will sign.  

Round 20, Pick 590 — Brooks Warren

Height/Weight: 6’3″, 215

Position: LHP

Date of Birth: 3/25/1998

Baseball America: Ranked 17th in Missisippi.


Warren has said he will not sign.

Round 21, Pick 620 — Zachary Hammer

Height/Weight: 6’3″, 170

Position: RHP

Date of Birth: 7/04/2000


Hammer has said on Twitter that he will sign with the team. I cannot share the tweet because Hammer is on private. 

Round 22, Pick 650 — Jaylen Palmer

Height/Weight: 6’3, 190

Position: SS

Date of Birth: 7/31/2000

SS/OF Jaylen Palmer – Holy Cross HS

Round 23, Pick 680 — Saul Gonzalez

Height/Weight: 6’7, 235

Position: RHP

Date of Birth: 12/28/1999

Baseball America: 401


According to Joe DeMayo, Gonzalez will be heading to the pros as opposed to going to school.

Round 24, Pick 710 — Hayden Senger

Height/Weight: 6’1, 210 LBS

Position: C

Date of Birth: 4/03/1997

Round 25, Pick 740 — David Miranda

Height/Weight: 6’0” 210lbs

B/T: L/L

Position: OF

Date of Birth: 03/23/95


Yes, he will sign and head to Brooklyn. 

Round 26, Pick 770 — Brian Sharp

Brian Sharp

Position: 3B

Bats/Throws: Left/Right

Date of Birth: 2/18/1997

Height/Weight: 6’2″, 205

The Mets selected Brian Sharp out of the University of Missouri. Sharp hit .321/.418/.500 this past season but has always had a swing-and-miss issue. The Mets drafted him as a third baseman but he has experience behind the plate and can pitch too. It would appear though he will begin at the hot corner in the event he signs.


Yes, he will sign and head to Brooklyn. 

Round 27, Pick 800 — Zach Rheams 


Bats/Throws: Left/Right

Date of Birth: 7/05/1996

Height/Weight: 6’0″, 235 LBS

Rheams is a big outfielder who hit for a ton of power this year. Rheams hit .329/.460/.686 with 17 homers. He also has some problems with swinging and missing too much but the raw power potential exists.

Round 28, Pick 830 — Mitch Hickey 

Position: RHP

Date of Birth: 11/16/1995

Height/Weight: 6’0, 184


Yes, Hickey will be going to the pros. 

Round 29, Pick 860 — Nelson Mompierre

Position: C

Bats/Throws: Left/Right

Date of Birth: 9/26/1995

Height/Weight: 6’0″, 195 LBS

From Point Streak:

“As productive an offensive player as you can find, Mompierre hit .355 with three home runs and 31 RBIs 37 games for Miami Dade College. Not just gifted with the stick, he also proved to be patient at the plate as evidenced by 23 walks and an on-base percentage that was almost 100 points higher than his batting average. Overall, Mompierre produced an on-base plus slugging of over 1.000, making him a feared opponent. For the Sharks, he had the fourth best batting average on the team and a pair of four RBI performances against Indian State River College in 2016.”


Yes, he has said that he will sign.  

Round 30, Pick 890 — Chandler Avant

Position: 2B

Bats/Throws: Right/Right

Date of Birth: 7/11/1995

Height/Weight: 5’11, 170

Avant is a small second basemen with not much power nor is he a high contact hitter. I’ll guess that this is a sign at a low price type of pick to save some money for the other guys later on.

Round 31 Pick 920 — Brendan Hardy

Position: RHP

Date of Birth: 12/15/1999

Height/Weight: 6’4″, 190

Hardy played the infield in shortstop in high school but the Mets announced him as a pitcher. Hardy struck out 69 out of the 240 guys he faced on the mound. The Mets will likely need to go over slot to get a deal done with him.


Yes, he will be signing early and will begin his professional career. 

Round 32, Pick 950 — Jake Mangum

Position: LHP

Date of Birth: 3/08/1996

Height/Weight: 6’1″, 185 LBS

Magnum is returning to college for his senior season.

Round 33, Pick 980 — Michael Picollo 

Position: RHP 

Date of Birth: 9/22/1999

Height/Weight: 6’2″, 170 LBS

Picollo’s velocity has been steadily improving so the Mets are likely trying to grab a player who they hope to mold while also not overpaying a ton. His dad is an executive for the Kansas City Royals.


His father informed the Kansas City Star that Michael would be going professional. 

Round 34, Pick 1,110 — Duke Kinamon

Position: 2B

Bats/Throws: Right/Right

Date of Birth: 9/04/1996

Height/Weight: 5’10, 190 LBS

Kinamon missed 2018 with an injury. He has not hit for much power as a collegiate player and has some holes in his swing. His best asset is speed. He’s a junior so he might re-enter the draft next year and bump up his stock.

Round 35, Pick 1,140 — Ian Mejia

Position: RHP

Date of Birth: 1/31/2000

Height/Weight: 6’4″, 175 LBS

Mejia is ranked as the 19th best prospect in the state of Arizona. There are not a lot of moving parts to his motion and can get it up to 93 MPH. The Mets will have to get him to forgo his commitment to the University of Arizona but they definitely like the upside here.


Round 36, Pick 1,170 — Denzel Clarke 

Position: OF

Bats/Throws: Right/Right

Date of Birth: 5/01/2000

Height/Weight: 6’4″, 190 LBS

Baseball America

Rank: 384

An immensely athletic outfielder, Clarke gets his natural physical ability from his mother, Donna, who was an Olympic heptathlete. Likewise, Clarke has also competed in other sports, including track and field, soccer, basketball and tennis. He is also cousins with Josh and Noah Naylor. On the baseball field, Clarke’s athleticism is apparent in the outfield, where he has the speed and body control to be a plus defender. He will likely move from center field to one of the corner outfield spots as he continues to add muscle to his 6-foot-4, 190-pound frame. Clarke has a hit-over-power profile right now, although he has some timing issues and a lack of strength that prohibits him from finishing his swing with authority. He has the hand speed to develop into a solid hitter with more reps, but he is still raw with the bat. Those who know him compare him to fellow Canadian Tristan Pompey at the same age.

Clarke is from Canada and has some baseball blood to him. His cousins are Josh Naylor and Noah Naylor. He will be a tough sign but perhaps the Mets have a shot with all the college players they took earlier on in the draft.

Round 37, Pick 1,200 — Zach Fascia

Position: Catcher

Bats/Throws: Left/Right

Date of Birth: 9/15/98

Height/Weight: 6’1, 225 LBS

From Perfect Game in 2016:

Zachary Fascia is a 2016 C/RHP with a 6-2 210 lb. frame from Brampton, ON who attends Turner Fenton. Medium frame with an athletic, strong build. Left handed hitter with a spread, open stance and compact hand set. Hands stay at a compact position while loading and launch to contact on a quick, inside path. Creates good shift from the lower half with a line drive swing plane primarily working the ball to the middle of the field. Produces some bat speed when working the ball to the gaps, barrel shows a quick in and out path through the hitting zone. Worked out defensively from behind the plate showing a low set with good hip flexion. Quick arm cirlce and exchange with a compact arm action at release. Creates good momentum while gaining ground and throws create downhill angle. Ball generates plus carry to the bag topping at 84 mph with a best pop of 1.95 in workouts. Fundamentally sound tools behind the plate. Will continue to develop with maturity. Commited to Indian Hills CC.

Round 38, Pick 1,230 — Nick Zona

Position: SS

Bats/Throws: Right/Right

Date of Birth: 7/09/1999

Height/Weight: 6’2″, 180 LBS

Zona has pitched but the Mets plan on having him be a shortstop. He will have the arm to play there for sure and has the athleticism to stick. There was not much more info on him but given his age, he will likely not be gaining much in terms of his frame.

Round 39, Pick  1,260 — Kody Darcy

Position: SS

Bats/Throws: Right/Right

Date of Birth: 6/17/1999

Height/Weight: 6’1″, 175 LBS

From Perfect Game in 2017:

Kody Darcy is a 2018 SS/2B, 3B, MIF with a 6-2 175 lb. frame from Kent, WA who attends Kentridge. Large frame with long limbs and wiry strength. Frame projects to support additional size with strength. Ran a 6.97 sixty-yard dash. Primary shortstop with smooth, sound footwork while ranging for and surrounding the baseball. Clean glove actions while funneling the baseball out front and worked through exchange well. Primarily released from a low three-quarters arm slot, but also showed the ability to throw with accuracy on the run while changing arm slots, topped at 82 miles per hour. Right handed hitter with an upright, very open stance a simple front side trigger. Hands load to a deep position while lower half works to contact with rotational lower half actions. Loose path to contact and showed solid bat speed on a naturally leveraged plane through extension. Ball consistently jumped off the barrel creating hard, loud contact between the gaps throughout batting practice. Named to the 2017 National Academic Showcase Top Prospect List. Good student.


Darcy will be forgoing college and heading to the pros. 

Round 40, Pick 1,290 — Brian Metoyer

Position: RHP

Date of Birth: 11/13/1996

Height/Weight: 6’4″, 160 LBS

Here’s the run down on the lanky righty. He walks a lot of guys but he also gets his strikeouts. He posted a pretty high, 5.60 ERA in a tough league but clearly the Mets think they can work with his stuff. He is the last pick of the day.


He will be signing and forgoing his final year of school.