Abreu’s Power Impressed Mets Scouts

By Former Writers

October 8, 2013 3 Comments


A high-ranking Mets official told Jorge Castillo of the Star Ledger that the organization came away impressed with Jose Abreu‘s power.

A high-ranking Mets official said the organization had “a few guys from the U.S.” and “some of our international scouts” in attendance.

And though the official had not yet spoken to the scouts directly as of Monday, the initial reports are promising. The official requested anonymity because the team’s evaluation is ongoing.

“I heard that his power was impressive,” the official told The Star-Ledger.

So what I’m picking up is that the Mets scouting department came away quite impressed with Jose Abreu’s power — and rightfully so, considering he slugged 33 home runs in just 66 games in 2010. This piece being published comes with interesting timing — as Joe D. and I were just complaining that we never see any Mets officials or scouts being quoted the next day, so we don’t always walk away from these events confident.

Although, in the grand scheme of things, the Mets being impressed with Jose Abreu’s power is akin to releasing a statement saying they are impressed with Juan Lagares‘ glove. We already know he can bring the Edgar Martinez-esque skillset, but it is reassuring to know that the Mets are confident in his power. It’s a lot better than finding out the Mets came away unimpressed — which would have all but sealed the fact that the Mets aren’t signing this guy.

Castillo points out something interesting towards the end of his piece as well:

In February 2012, Cespedes signed a four-year, $36-million deal with the Athletics. Last winter, the Dodgers signed Puig to a seven-year, $42-million contract. Abreu is expected to garner a similar deal.

However, Cespedes and Puig, both outfielders, supply stout defense and speed. They can impact games in more ways. They were also younger at the time of their agreements — Cespedes was 25 and Puig was 21.

So, what does a one-dimensional slugger really command on the market? Five years might be his maximum, but even at the projected $60 million some are projecting he might command, it could still turn out to be a bargain. I feel like he’ll get less than that, though.

The Mets have been keeping up appearances by sending scouts to see Abreu and Masuhida Tanaka — but now it’s time to put their money where their mouth is. The ball is in your court, guys…