AFL Recap: Scorpions Lose in Season Finale

By Matt Mancuso

November 17, 2017 5 Comments

The Arizona Fall League regular season has come to a close with the Scottsdale Scorpions losing 7-4 on Thursday and finishing the season 12-17.

Kevin Kaczmarski (2-4, 2 1B, RBI, K)

In his final 2017 AFL game, Kaczmarski performed well going 2-4, with 2 singles. In his second consecutive game, he drove in his 2017 Rumble Pony teammate, David Thompson. He was caught stealing second attempting to start a rally in the third inning.

Overall, Kaczmarski exceeded expectations during his time with the Scorpions, leading the team in AVG and OBP. He ended his tenure in the AFL with a .351/.393/.442 slash line, finishing the season sixth in the AFL with his .351 AVG.

David Thompson (1-3, R, K, LOB)

Thompson ended his season in the most fitting way possible, with a booming double in the fifth. Thompson had a dominant AFL season, finishing with the best SLG and OPS on the Scorpions, concluding his spectacular year with a .328/.371/.569 slash line. If he had enough plate appearances to qualify, he would have ended seventh in the AFL with a .940 OPS and he tied for the league lead with his seven doubles.

  • Buddy3

    Is Thompson in the conversation for 2018 third base? We know he will have big numbers at Vegas because everyone does, but it seems his fielding and throwing have improved enough to keep him on third base.

  • Nessim Toledano

    Maybe he gets here late in the season. But its too soon to give any real consideration just yet, IMO. My guess is that he gets a non-roster invite to the big league camp, gets sent down fairly early in spring, but they keep “borrowing” him from the minor league camp for big league games. If he does even reasonably well in Vegas, he should (almost certainly) get a September call-up – he’s eligible for Rule 5 after 2018 and its fairly certain that they’ll protect him in November, anyway. So they may as well add him in Sept and give him a look then.

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  • John M Booth

    Everyone talks about Thompson. Enough already, give Kaz his dues. He is such a SPARKPLUG. Was lucky to watch him here in Columbia. He is one hell of Bargain, knowing what the Mets signed him for. Man does he bring some excitement to the stands when a ball is hit his way and when he steps up to the plate. Have had the pleasure of meeting and talking with him.He LOVES THE GAME and you can see it and hear it in him. We KNOW HE WILL GO PLACES. Only bad thing is his age. He has to EXPLODE this upcoming season, wherever he ends up. THE CLOCK IS TICKING, KAZ.

  • Nessim Toledano

    Its a different game today, John. More and more players are coming to the game after 4 years of college. Many of them don;t reach the majors until they are 26,28, sometimes even older. His age is not a problem, and there’s no cause for any “clock” concerns, and eh doesn’t need to explode to become a major leaguer. He’s still a year away from Rule 5 eligibility and is almost certainly going to AAA next year. He’s moved through four clubs in three years. He’s doing just fine.