AFL Update: Robles Pitches A Gem, Bradford Still Looking Sharp

By Teddy Klein

October 24, 2013 2 Comments


Hansel Robles pitched for the Scottsdale Scorpions today and gave up four hits while striking out one while keeping the league-best Mesa Solar Sox scoreless in four innings. Chasen Bradford pitched one scoreless inning, giving up one hit in the 8th. No other Mets played today for the Scorpions.

Stats for the Arizona Fall League Mets so far:

Cory Vaughn

9 Games 9 for 38 .237 avg 4R, 2 3B, 1 HR, 8 RBI, 3/12 BB:K 2/1 SB/CS .310/.421/.731

Aderlin Rodriguez

8 Games, 6 for 31 .194 avg 2R, 1 2B, 0/8 BB:K .219/.226/.445

Cam Maron

7 games, 3 for 19 .158 avg 4R, 1 2B, 8/3 BB:K .407/.211/.618

Hansel Robles

0-1 3GS 3.38 era 8IP 8H, 3ER, 2/6 BB:K

Chasen Bradford

1-0 5G 0.00 era 5.1IP 2H, 1/3 BB:K 1 Save

Cody Satterwhite

5G 0.00 era 5IP 4H 3/5 BB:K 1 Save

Jeurys Familia

3G 12.00 era 3ip 3H 4ER 1HR 2/4 BB/K

My Take

As you can plainly see about our hitters: They are all struggling. Vaughn has done the best hitting 3 of his 9 hits for extra bases, but his nature to strike out has been exposed. Aderlin Rodriguez has been struggling, mostly to make contact, and hasn’t drawn a single walk. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt because he shaking off the cobwebs after missing half the year while facing against elite competition. Cam Maron has proven his tool of plate discipline drawing almost three times as many walks as he has struck out. There is obviously need for improvement, which will happen as our players adjust to the league.

On the center of the diamond, pitching has been mostly thriving. Hansel Robles has been steadily improving from letting two runs in his first appearance over an inning, to letting one run in 3 innings the following start, and then pitching spectacularly in his third start. Chasen Bradford has proved why he was sent to the AFL, tossing up zeroes in all five and a third innings, as has Cody Satterwhite. Jeurys Familia has been struggling since his first appearance to get himself back together after having surgery during the season. He has the chance to turn it around however.

Look for more updates during the next few weeks, and an interesting tool to use to keep track of the Met’s players in the winter leagues by clicking here.

  • tommyb

    Hey Teddy
    Vaughn started 0 for 10 with 6 Ks…since then, 31 plate appearances, only 6 Ks, .320. So early rust, and his struggles appear to be over. Robles pitched well, but his Ks were down this year, and 1 K in 4 innings does not “spectacular” make. He has to K people or he. is a non-prospect.

  • Don’t forget it was against the best team in the league. And he struck out 4 in 3 innings the start before.