Allan Dysktra: The Promotion Never Came

By John Bernhardt

September 25, 2013 No comments

If the Mets organization gave out a single Comeback Player of the Year award, it would have to go to Binghamton’s Allan Dykstra. Dykstra had an outstanding season for the B-Mets selected as Binghamton’s Position Player of the Year and as the Most Valuable Player in the Eastern League. A number 1 draft selection by the San Diego Padres in 2008, the former Wake Forest first baseman was traded to the Mets in 2011 for Eddie Kunz. In 2012, a broken wrist delayed the start of Dykstra’s season limiting the B-Met first baseman to just 62 games and 248 at bats.

Dykstra KMAt 26 years of age, it had to be a bit discouraging for Dykstra to find himself back in Binghamton in 2013. You would have never guessed that by watching him perform on the baseball field though. Dykstra was a key factor in Binghamton’s record breaking season, an offensive constant for the entire season.

With an uncanny eye and remarkable plate discipline for a power hitter, Dykstra logged and out-of-this world .436 OBP. The tall first sacker led the Eastern League in walks earning 102 free passes. 22 doubles and 21 home runs contributed to a Slugging Percentage of .503, second best in the Eastern League. Those totals gave Dykstra an Eastern League best OPS of .938.

As the season progressed and Dykstra’s numbers continued to soar, B-Met fans were often holding their breath wondering when the call would come moving their first baseman to Las Vegas or, perhaps, to Citi Field. That was especially the case with the Mets having multiple problems at the corner position in Flushing. That call never came for Dykstra.

Without a doubt, with a banner season in Binghamton, Allan Dykstra is the B-Met who most deserved a promotion. Although that call never came during the summer of 2013, one can only hope Dykstra will find himself in a new locale (Las Vegas, NYC) next spring.

(Photo Credit: Kelly Madden)