Alonso, Bashlor Among Seven Mets Spring Training Cuts

By Mets Daddy

March 14, 2018 6 Comments

(Ed Delany/Mets Minors)

After announcing the first round of cuts from MLB camp last night, the Mets have announced they have cut an additional seven players from camp to bring the amount of players in camp down to 44.  The seven players cut are:

With the possible exception of the outfielders, none of these cuts were all too surprising.  While it was expected Borenstein and Kaczmarski would being the year in Triple-A, the Mets looking to trade Juan Lagares and the recent wrist injury to Yoenis Cespedes could have reasonably given the Mets pause before cutting either player.  This all could mean Matt den Dekker is ahead of both players on the depth chart as he has yet to be cut.

Of the position players cut, Thompson was having the best Spring of the group.  In 15 games played, Thompson hit ..348/.464/.391 with four walks, a double, and an RBI.  His strong Spring was a continuation of the great finish to the season last year and his strong Arizona Fall League play.

Overall, it was the pitching that really stood out.  Both Bashlor and Oswalt impressed in camp, and they both made cases why the Mets could call either player up during the 2018 season.

Check back later with MMN as the Mets announce additional roster cuts until the team whittles down the roster to the 25 players who will be on the Opening Day roster.

  • Nessim Toledano

    Cutting the OFs was not an exception. It should have been done a week ago. They both played terribly. There was no reason to keep them here. Nimmo needs the playing time in the field where, despite looking better than last year, he still doesn’t look like a real center fielder. And Lagares needs the at-bats because, despite the reports about his new swing, he’s still not getting the results at the plate.

  • I’m still a fan of Kaczmarski since watching him in 2016 with my Lucie squad. I can’t help my bias and my worth 2 cent eyeball test.

  • Nessim Toledano

    I appreciate that. I don’t mean to overstate the obvious. But St. Lucie is not AAA or the majors and most (3 out of 4) players he competed with or against at that level never reach the majors. So what plays well there may not be good enough when a player moves up.
    My eyeball test in March 2018. Right now, he can’t hit advanced pitching. Maybe he will someday. But right now, he doesn’t look close.
    His defense is another story. He’s looked very good out there.

  • Niki Hook

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  • John M Booth

    True That, I’ve been watching him and his progress since he was a Fireflie. You could see he had something special but he just couldn’t get it together against advanced pitching. Although he did have his moments once and awhile. Hopefully Kaz can pull it together.

  • Hence the ups and downs of being a minors junkie who sees guy in A Ball lol.
    This is my years now going forward on my opposite of expert/scout opinions on players mostly starting in 2016.
    I fought detractors who told me Rosario and Conforto were overrated.

    I’ve thought Alberto Baldonado could be solid back end bullpen.

    I’ve thought Jhoan Urena was and is really good.

    I thought Kaczmarski and David Thompson would reach the majors whether as starters or simply guys who look good enough to get cups of coffee.

    Either way it’s fun seeing these young guys in the minors.

    I’ll keep being right and terribly wrong all in good fun !