Alonso Ranked Seventh Best First Base Prospect

By Mets Daddy

January 19, 2018 7 Comments

(Ed Delany/Mets Minors)

Jonathan Mayo of MLB Pipeline has rated Mets first base prospect Peter Alonso the seventh best prospect overall at the position.

In addition to dubbing him the seventh best prospect, Mayo also named Alonso the highest rising player at the position saying:

Alonso entered his first full season of pro ball nowhere near the Top 10 first basemen list, even though he had hit very well during his summer debut following his second-round selection by the Mets out of the University of Florida. But then he showed that wasn’t an aberration and hit his way to Double-A, with very solid hit and power tools showing up.

Last season, Alonso played for both St. Lucie and Binghamton. Even with him suffering a broken hand early in the season, Alonso still hit .289/.359/.524 with 27 doubles, a triple, 18 homers, and 63 RBI in 93 games.

It should come as no surprise that MMN recently ranked Alonso as the top first base prospect in the Mets organization. Stay tuned to see where MMN ultimately ranks Alonso among all Mets prospects.

  • Buddy3

    Even though he is a terrible 1B, I have a feeling that at this time next year we will be talking about Alonso knoking on the door as our 1B, Smith elsewhere and Gonzo a faint memory.

  • Ernest Dove Jr.

    I honestly don’t pay any attention to other teams systems so only bias would cause me to say he should be ranked higher. But I’m sure it has to do with his defense and all the time/experience/at bats hes missed.
    Again based on ignorance and bias, I say a healthy Alonso ends up like top 3 1Bs prospects in the game this year or next time they make this list .

  • Jason Mercado

    He gets into Top 3 if he’s healthy and continues to show this power over the whole season. Hope his glove improves.

  • Ernest Dove Jr.

    Bro don’t worry about his power lol. The sound of ball off his bat is ridiculous.

  • Nessim Toledano

    I’m puzzled as to why anyone gives a bleep whether he is in the top 3 or
    top 7. What difference does it make? It just the perception of a few talking heads and self-appointed experts. It doesn’t affect whether or how quickly he gets to the majors of what he does on the field.

  • Barbara

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  • Jason Mercado

    It’s just a playful convo Mr. Serious, Were all commenting on rankings. I’d love for Alonso to be a 35HR guy for Mets and he’s been fun to watch.