Andres Gimenez Ranked Seventh Best Sally League Prospect

By Mets Daddy

September 29, 2017 12 Comments

In their annual rankings, Baseball America has ranked Columbia Fireflies shortstop Andres Gimenez as the league’s seventh best prospect.  To qualify for the list, a player was required to have at least one plate appearance per team game.

The 2017 season was not only Gimenez’s first full season of minor league baseball, it was also his first experience playing stateside.  More than his relative level of inexperience, Gimenez was young for the league.  The 19 year old was three and a half years younger than the average Sally League player.

Despite all of this, he put forth an impressive season.  Through 92 games, Gimenez hit .265/.346/.349 with nine doubles, four triples, four homers, and 31 RBI with 14 stolen bases. In the field, the shortstop had a range factor of 4.77 per nine innings, which was higher than the 4.44 Gold Glove shortstop Andrelton Simmons put up this year.  More than the numbers, we saw Gimenez flash a good glove and athleticism at the position.

But it was more than defense and athleticism.  Gimenez showed a high baseball IQ and a good understanding of what to do at the plate.  It’s why he was rated the seventh best Sally League prospect and why he’s currently rated by MMN as the Mets third best prospect.