Andres Gimenez’s Baseball Prospectus 82nd Best Prospect

By Mets Daddy

February 5, 2018 17 Comments

Photo by Ed Delany

Baseball Prospectus has released their list of the top 100 prospects of the 2018 season, and they have ranked Mets shortstop prospect Andres Gimenez as the 82nd best prospect.  This is the first time Gimenez was ranked by Baseball Prospectus.

Earlier this offseason, Gimenez was ranked by Baseball America as the 94th best prospect in baseball.  Neither Keith Law of ESPN or MLB Pipeline had Gimenez in their top 100.

Last season, Gimenez made his stateside debut playing for the Columbia Fireflies of the South Atlantic League.  In 92 games, Gimenez hit .265/.346/.349 with nine doubles, four triples, four homers, and 31 RBI.

Gimenez was the only Mets prospect on Baseball Prospectus’ list.  Last season, Baseball Prospectus had three Mets ranked on their top 100: Amed Rosario (8), Robert Gsellman (17), and Thomas Szapucki (69).  Of those players, only Szapucki was eligible this year, and he underwent Tommy John surgery last year.

It will be interesting to see how far Gimenez moves during the 2018 season and one of the other Mets prospects will have a season good enough to merit joining Gimenez on next year’s t0p 100 list.

  • Mets still have some top 100 MLB prospect quality guys in the system right now.
    Wouldn’t surprise me at all to see a few show up real soon on there.

  • Bill Rosenberg

    Like who? The top pitchers in the minors have one injury or another….not much in the power area either

  • I have people against me on this but I still really like Justin Dunn who can easily throw 95-96 consistently. He might have done better if had been in low A.
    Anthony Kay was UCONN ace. Let’s see what he does.
    Peterson has a bunch of hype. If he pitches to the hype he is a top 100 guy.
    If Peter Alonso was AT LEAST rated as an average defender he’d likely have been on this list. He might hit 25 homers this year in minors.
    Desmond Lindsay has to stay on the field. Fellow prospects have been calling him a “freak” for years with his natural physical gifts.
    But again these are all ifs

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  • That the Mets system is barren is a fallacy. Most of the the guys on these Top 100 lists will not become impact regulars. The same can be said for most of the prospects in any organization.

    If I could throw one more name out there that I think has a really solid chance at being an MLB regular for us, it’s Luis Guillorme. With great defense up the middle, his bat doesn’t need to provide huge value, just be MLB average. I can think of another Met who enjoyed a couple of 2 WAR seasons before his defense slipped, and who also had no power at all: Ruben Tejada.

    Like Ruben, Guillorme’s lack of height can make it tough for pitchers to get called strikes. We’ve already seen Guillorme establish a knack for making contact and taking walks in the upper minors. Can you imagine how much our pitchers would love a defense up the middle as soon as this year: Lagares, Guillomre, Rosario.

  • Nessim Toledano

    The Mets system isn’t barren, as a whole. But it is below average overall, and it is barren or nearly barren when it comes to position players in the upper levels.
    The majority of the best talent currently resides at the lower/lowest levels. And thats not encouraging to me. Because despite the glowing reviews, low-level prospects have a lot of obstacles that can, and often will sidetrack them and see them come up short of their early promise.
    While the Vegas roster should be loaded with legitimate AAA-caliber players, too many of those are not realistically future major leaguers. That crowd, coupled with the weak AA roster may result in some players being held/sent back to AA. And that might be what saves Binghamton’s season. But it also means that a potential sleeper or late bloomer who is truly ready for AAA is sent to Bingo, thus slowing his progress.
    Its also very, very hard to make out a starting line-up for St Lucie right now without force-feeding weak, should-be bench players, or rushing a couple of players who ought to spend [more] time in Columbia. Unless a lot of players suddenly emerge with breakout years, it sets up as a long First Half season, and quite possibly a long year for St. Lucie.

  • While I share your concerns that some of these teams will struggle again, I’m optimistic that we are heading in the right direction. I’d rather let Dom Smith learn how to hit MLB pitching out of the gate, but if he starts his season in Vegas, I’d at least feel intrigued about the Vegas lineup: Guillorme, Thompson, Kaczmarski, Smith, even Borenstein all intrigue me, and I could see forming a solid core. I also want to see how the new manager fares. He comes with a good rep.

    Not to mention, on the pitching side, I’m relieved we no longer need to fill out AAA innings with the likes of Donovon Hand etc.

    St. Lucie is going to be an interesting mixed bag as well if you want to look at it optimistically. While I’m not interested in seeing Dash Winningham getting eaten alive by more advanced pitching, I am interested to see more at that level from Michael Paez, and of course Giminez and Lindsay.

  • John M Booth

    What prompted you to make that statement about Dash

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  • That’s awesome that you get to see these kids live. I sure hope Dash hits in the FSL, but I’m not hopeful. Scouting reports say his choppy swing doesn’t use his lower half nearly enough, and have predicted his inability to hit enough as he climbs the chain, since he was really mashing it down in Kingsport. His relative struggles with the Sally league second time through just don’t bode well.

    To Nessim’s point, Dash is not the only bat that looks like he will get pushed up a level because of the need for bodies alone. There are plenty of other names you can throw in the same boat of guys that just haven’t shown the growth needed to deserve a promotion. Champ Stuart is one that I don’t want to see wasting at bats on.

  • I look forward to seeing Dash LIVE down here for the Lucie Mets this year. He has the power. Looking only at stats he is super streaky. He deserves this chance to play every day at high A level.

  • John M Booth

    What I don’t like here in Columbia is every game I attend I never know who’s gonna be in the line up. It is real hard to get going for these guys when they never get to play all the time. Case in point Milton Ramos. I got to be friends with him and his family. When he didn’t get the chance to play all the time he let his emotions show. Surprise, he’s traded to Baltimore. I get it, it’s a business. But the Mets have got to let some of these kids play regularly and not give up on them so quickly. I’ve got to be careful sometimes because I am a season ticket holder and sometimes my comments have been deleted. Especially when I find out things through people I have become friends with being a season ticket holder. I’m already labeled as a SPECIAL SEASON TICKET HOLDER. What does that mean, I don’t know. But when your barber tells you he cuts the hair of someone in the Firefies Organization and when my name was mentioned that’s what was said. Well, at least they know who I am. All I do is voice my opinion because I CARE and will continue to care. I have have been there from DAY 1 and can’t wait UNTILL the season starts.

  • Just based on Brooklyn’s miserable season last year, I’m a little nervous the Fireflies are going to be a low scoring bunch. But there should be some interesting dudes to root for next year: Quinn Brodey, Matt Winaker, Jose Miguel Medina, Wagner Lagrange, Edgardo Fermin. Throw in a Walter Rasquin maybe. Maybe one of these guys busts out as being a legit MLB prospect.

  • John M Booth

    I will make sure I keep my eyes on the guys you mentioned. This new season is gonna be interesting. Some local old time baseball people here are saying this upcoming season could be the last for the Fireflies. I sure as HELL hope the don’t know what they are talking about. Stay well and LET’S GO METS and for the Fireflies, LET’S GLOW.

  • Nessim Toledano

    Just for perspective, Columbia is a MINOR league team, and a lower level team, at that. Rotating players is part of the process. There are two shortstops, they can’t both play every day.
    And your perspective on Milton Ramos is also lacking. You need to be more realistic because he is NOT a case in point. You’re talking about a player who simply did not perform.
    He had the chance to start in 2016 and he did poorly. Very poorly. More importantly, he showed ZERO improvement in 2017. And in spite of that, he STILL was given the chance to start nearly half of the games in 2017. If anything, they were quite generous with his playing time. Relegating him to a back-up role would have been completely warranted. I’m sorry you lost one of your personal favorites. But the fact is that not everyone can start every game. These kids need to compete for playing time, and they know it.

  • Nessim Toledano

    Doubtful that Rasquin will be in Columbia next year. I think he’s almost certainly ticketed for St Lucie. His bat, speed, and athleticism are ready. And Lucie is the best place for him to work on his defense, since thats the home base for most of the roving instructors.
    Some of the others may also be jumped, regardless of whether they are ready or not. The advanced-A cupboard is simply too bare. If they struggle, they can always repeat that level for all or part of 2019. Its not an unusual course of action.

  • Nessim Toledano

    I had a super-wordy, overly extensive response, but I’ve edited it down for easier consumption (believe it or not):
    Just for perspective, I was addressing whether or not the system is lacking (if not barren) of legitimate position player prospects. Smith is a real prospect. Where he starts the season – NY or Vegas – doesn’t change that equation. He counts.
    The other names you mention, and the brevity of the list almost make my case for me. I count Smith, Alonso, Gimenez, and Lindsay as legitimate potential future starters, but Gimenez and Lindsay are a little too far away for my liking. Thompson has a chance, but is not blowing anyone away.
    I think you’re putting too much stock in Guillorme and Kaczmarski. They’re both regarded as possible reserves, not starters. Neither of them drives the ball, and thats a legitimate concern, especially for KKacz who hsas been older than league average age for most of his career. Until that changes, neither will the perception of them.
    lastly, regardless of what I (or anyone else) thinks, more of these players will disappoint and fall short than succeed and soar.