BA Names Ronny Mauricio A Potential Breakout Prospect

By Teddy Klein

April 3, 2018 No comments

Ronny Mauricio/Photo By Ed Delany

Ben Badler published on Monday the prospects that he felt could break out in 2018. In his list, he names many players with either under-appreciated talents or who haven’t played yet like a couple international signees by position, and which side of the minor leagues they will start.

In addition, Badler adds that a breakout season could vault any of them into the top 100.

Mets’ franchise-busting International Free Agent from last year, shortstop Ronny Mauricio is named as one of these breakout players. While he hasn’t played yet, Badler predicts interesting things from Mauricio:

Mauricio was Baseball America’s No. 3 international prospect last year when the Mets signed him for $2.1 million out of the Dominican Republic. Since then, Mauricio has grown two inches to 6-foot-4, added much-needed strength to his gangly frame and continues to impress scouts with his ability on both sides of the ball.

Ronny, turns 17 on Wednesday, is one tall-bodied and agile Shortstop at 6’4″, featuring a nice skinny build with some nice projection to add further strength, and two smooth swings, as he switch hits. He is a good fielder with the potential to stick at short with some above average athleticism, despite some average foot speed.

Ronny is certainly one to watch, and will likely take his talents first to one of the Mets’ rookie leagues, such as Gulf Coast League or possibly Kingsport, and we’ll see if Ben Badler’s predictions come through.