Bobby Parnell Sustains Mild Injury To Left Quad

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February 21, 2014 No comments


Update 6:12 pm

Bobby Parnell‘s next Bullpen session will be delayed due to a minor injury.

Adam Rubin of ESPN NY writes that Parnell,  injured his left quadriceps muscle covering first base during a drill on Thursday and he was not outdoors with teammates for this morning stretching.

Pitching coach Dan Warthen shared with Rubin, “Everyone thinks it’s very, very mild. He wanted to throw today.”

Rubin adds that Terry Collins said he hopes Parnell throws the bullpen session Saturday and he labeled the issue “tightness.”

Parnell was already being cautious since coming back from surgery to repair a herniated disk in his neck, so now he may be delayed a bit longer.

Original Post: 10:30am

Adam Rubin of ESPN NY writes that while most pitchers are throwing off a mound every other day during spring training, Bobby Parnell has decided to space out his activity a little bit more for now as he returns from surgery to repair a herniated disk in his neck.

Parnell jumped on the mound a head of schedule when he threw a 10 pitch session on Friday, with the catcher in front of the plate. Rubin initially reported on February 10th, that Parnell indicated that he planned to wait an additional two weeks before proceeding with mound work.

Then on Monday, Mets Beat Writer for NY Newsday, Mark Carig shared on his Twitter page that Parnell actually threw for a second time in the bullpen on Sunday and threw 15 pitches, off the mound, with a catcher also in front of plate and had no issues.

Rubin shares that on Tuesday, Parnell threw a 35 pitch bullpen session and that he had been scheduled to throw again Thursday, but decided he will wait an extra day and have the session today. 

“I’m running off of Bobby 100 percent,” pitching coach Dan Warthen shared with Rubin. “He said he feels good, but he’s smart enough to tell me if he needs the extra day. I had him scheduled to throw today. He said, ‘I can throw, but how about an extra day?'”

Added Warthen: “The velocity is probably at 80 percent right now, but the delivery is sound.”

Rubin shares that the Mets are eyeing March 10th for Parnell’s first game action and that he should pitch on consecutive days in games at least once during spring training and get roughly nine appearances before Opening Day.

Parnell, barring any setbacks, should get enough work to prepare him for Opening Day 2014 and the Mets closer role. With management bringing in Kyle Farnsworth and Jose Valverde, for possible insurance in the event that Parnell is not ready to start the season; add that with a few of pitching prospects ready to take on a bullpen role, the team looks to have a stronger bullpen in 2014 and hopefully will be able to finish a lot more games for the starters.

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