Callis: Mets Had Strong Second Day Of Draft

By Mets Daddy

June 6, 2018 No comments

Ryley Gilliam/David Grooms Independent Mail

Jim Callis of MLB Pipeline rated the five teams who drafted the best talent on the second day of the draft, and he had the Mets coming in at four.

Notably, Callis came away impressed with the collection of collegiate right-handed relievers who can ramp it up to the mid-90s and beyond. Those three relievers are Adam Hill (fourth round), Ryley Gilliam (fifth round), and Bryce Montes de Oca (ninth round).

Of the three relievers, Callis pegs fifth round draft pick Gilliam as a draft pick who could be among the first players from this draft to reach the majors.

On the position player front, Callis notes how both Carlos Cortes (third round) and Nick Meyer (sixth round) are two players who are strong in one area of their overall game but need seasoning elsewhere.

Specifically, Cortes has the potential to be a good hitter, but he is in need of a position. With respect to Meyer, he’s the top defensive catcher in the entire draft.

Overall, based upon Callis’ point-of-view, the Mets third through 10th round picks were a strong accumulation of talent for the Mets farm system.