Cesar Puello Getting Suspended Would Be A Major Disappointment

By Former Writers

June 5, 2013 5 Comments

Puello2Cesar Puello has been a guy that has brought great joy to me over the past couple of months. Watching him perform and get his career back on track provided many Mets fans with hope that help may be on the way in Flushing.

I woke up this morning with a terrible feeling of disappointment. One of my favorite Mets prospects, and a guy that seemed to be back on the road to doing special things in a Mets uniform, was named in the biggest PED scandal since the Mitchell Report named some of the biggest names in the game years ago.

After being named in yesterday’s ESPN report, Puello could be facing a 50 game suspension due to violating the league’s substance abuse policy. That would practically derail Puello’s come back season, and cause many to question if his outstanding numbers in 2013 are a result of hard work or if he received some help from a banned substance.

Depending on if and when these suspensions are handed down, the remainder of Puello’s season could be a wash. Missing 50 games in the middle of any prospect’s development is a big blow, but Puello really seemed to be on the fast track again, and it could be devastating for the young man. He was locked in and on course to hit Triple-A by the All-Star break, and possibly make an appearance in Flushing this September. That would almost all be washed away.

This suspension wouldn’t be a death sentence for Puello, but it would definitely be a step backwards and a major disappointment to all the fans that Puello won over this season with his play.

(Photo Credit: Gordon Donovan)