Cory Vaughn Is Leading The Arizona Fall League In Triples Despite A Minor Wall Collision

By Former Writers

October 30, 2013 No comments

Cory Vaughn‘s agent shared a tweet about how Vaughn is doing in the Arizona Fall League.

@sugarfreeCV flexin speed n pop in the AFL leading the league in triples.

— NW Sports Management (@NWSMG) October 29, 2013

What is interesting about this is that just a about a week ago, a tweet went out about how Vaughn was bitten by a scorpion while playing in Arizona. (The following image is not easy on the eyes, so be warned.)

The truth behind the bite was that Vaughn punked his agent into thinking that he indeed was bitten when in reality he ran into a wall.

Vaughn’s reaction to his agent’s initial tweet was kind of comical and at the same time a lesson learned when sending info through social media.

Great humor between a player and his agent which shows the great relationship they share.

Overall in 47 at bats, Vaughn is leading the league with 3 triples, he is batting .255/.340/.447 and also has a .786 OPS. Despite a collision with the wall, his performance is not being effected, which is a good sign and something for him to build on for 2014.