Featured Post: Noah Syndergaard, Is He A 2014 Breakout Star?

By Joe D.

January 10, 2014 2 Comments

Jonathan Bernhardt of Sports on Earth, picked Noah SyndergaardTaijuan Walker and Archie Bradley as his 2014 breakout stars.


About Syndergaard he says that even with Travis d’Arnaud on track to begin the season as the Mets’ starting catcher this season, Syndergaard could turn out to be the most valuable player New York acquired in the trade for R.A. Dickey.

“When he was traded, the word out of Toronto was that the Blue Jays were concerned about his ability to stick as a starter once he started to face advanced hitters, but he put those concerns to rest with his work last year.”

One interesting point that Bernhardt made in his article was his belief that Syndergaard won’t stay long in at Triple-A Las Vegas where he’s expected to begin the 2014 season.

“One thing that’s important to remember about pitching prospects especially, is that once they’ve proven they can get outs at Double-A — the level in the minors where pitchers start seeing hitters who can recognize and hit breaking balls, and who don’t routinely chase fastballs out of the zone — there’s rarely any use in sending them to Triple-A for more seasoning there.”

“That’s especially true of Mets pitching prospects, because the Mets’ Triple-A squad is the Las Vegas 51s — a team that plays in what might be the most hitter friendly park in minor league baseball, in what’s certainly the most hitter-friendly league. New York has absolutely no interest keeping Syndergaard in Las Vegas longer than they have to and risk damaging his confidence; Mets fans will see him sooner rather than later…”

I never get tired of reading all the glowing reports and all the raves about Noah Syndergaard. He’s no longer just a Mets phenomenon, Thor has gone National and everybody loves him. Oh yeah… And he’s all ours…

 Thoughts from David C.

I love that last line from Joe D., ‘And he’s all ours.”  This last season we had Harvey the Great, then Wheeler came on the scene and in between a few rough outings that can be chalked up as just growing pains, he pitched well, and now with Harvey gone til 2015, the hype turns to Thor.  I have not had the privilege of watching him pitch, yet, but I look forward to the Mets bringing him up and joining the new band of brothers in the rotation.  2014 is going to be an exciting year not only for the Mets but for the prospects that make up the future.  I do believe and agree with Bernhardt that Syndargaard will make his presense well known once he reaches the majors and yes I am glad also that he is all ours.

  • PA Met Fan

    What’s the point of even sending any pitching prospects to Vegas then? If pitchers succeed in double A and proves themselves there why send them all the way to Vegas where their confidence can easily be lost in that ban box of a park? I personally would love to see Syndergaard begin the season in Binghampton and then just promote him straight to New York.

  • TexasGusCC

    That’s a good theory, but why did Montero go and is probably going back? Triple-A is one spot down from the majors and while it is a big difference, there is alot to be learned by facing AAA hitters that are more advanced than AA hitters.