Could The Mets Potentially Move To Syracuse In 2015?

By Former Writers

October 5, 2013 4 Comments

Adam Rubin wrote on the possibility of the Mets moving their Triple-A team to Syracuse for the 2015 season. He spoke with Howard Dolgon, who owns the American Hockey League affiliate in Syracuse, and Dolgon was the one who brought up the whole idea:

“Why aren’t the Mets here?” Dolgon told the newspaper [Syracuse Post-Standard]. “Why are the Mets 3,000 miles away when you could be on SNY and promoting your brand that way? If you are asking me, one of the things that I would do 100 percent is see if those New York Metropolitans are available.”

As you know, the Mets currently have a contract with Triple-A Las Vegas in the Pacific Coast League, which is extremely inconvenient for them. The contract only runs through next year, however, and the Washington Nationals agreement with the Syracuse Chiefs also expires about 2014.

The Mets had negotiated with management in Syracuse previously, but decided to go with Buffalo instead back in 2009. Although Dolgon is not affiliated with the baseball team, he is known for being a big community guy. The Chiefs, Rubin states, were poorly owned in the past so they hired new marketing staff for this offseason.

Hey, who knows? I’ll take a Triple-A team in Syracuse for ease of access any day.

  • TexasGusCC


    Wherever the Mets wind up, their approach will never change. They really are a-holes. They said how they want their affiliates to win their respective championships. However, I order to screw Backman and not let him look too good and thus really get the fanbase going, they take Lutz away from him right before the playoffs start. Lutz was his cleanup hitter, and the only power left after Brown and Duda were promoted. Then, they sit Lutz on the bench anyway!!!

    Wright was hurt, we had no cleanup hitter or #5, why not use the AAA cleanup hitter who plays third and is sitting on your bench? Too simple, just let him sit and use Baxter as your #5 hitter.

    So, why take Lutz away from Vegas and not let that team go for a championship first, since you really had no use for their cleanup hitter? Nice business practices, huh?

  • This move makes too much sense not to happen. Syracuse should be interested because by 2015, the Mets will have a pretty solid could have a pretty solid AAA team. Besides, as bad as the MLB team is, the AAA team this year was at least watchable.

    An yes Texas, Wally did get screwed. I don’t think it was completely intentional though. I think it was more because Vegas was at time more talented than the Mets.

  • TexasGusCC

    Hank, how can it possibly not be 100% intentional? What if? What if Vegas won the championship, how would Alderson renew Collins? The masses would be going crazy. Vegas was hamstrung all year. But, this isn’t about Backman because we have talked about Backman and Valdespin plenty, and neither one is endeared by the Front Office for different, yet similar reasons. Neither acts according to what is considered “proper” in Mets Land, so they are exiled to be together.

    But, what about the ownership of the Las Vegas 51s? Had their parent team not pulled out Lutz for egotistical reasons, they may have won a few more playoff games. More wins, more playoff games, more revenue for the team. Think that the owners were happy? Really doubt that. I know that no one cares about Vegas and no team wants to be there, but, you are working with them. Show some professionalism. My opinion on the Mets Front Office could take all night.

    As far as Syracuse, it was noted on another blog that the Wilpons were in negotiations in 2012 to move to Syracuse instead of Las Vegas, but wanted a share of ownership in Syracuse. When the owners refused, they went to Vegas. Don’t know how true that is.

  • B-Met Fan

    Satish, this is very interesting. I have a friend who lives in Central New York and know someone closely affiliated with the Syracuse Chiefs. The Syracuse Triple-A franchise is in turmoil. At the end of the week, my buddy sent me an editorial for the Syracuse Post Standard on the condition of minor league baseball in Syracuse. It was called ‘Wy Can’t Baseball Thrive in Syracuse?’ The editorial was built around a Forbes report about the fiscal health of minor league baseball. Attendance at minor league franchises is up. Merchandise sales are soaring. The estimated worth of minor league franchises is growing. Nine of the Forbes top 20 minor league franchises from a money value are found in the International League. Leigh Valley, Columbus, Indianapolis, Toledo, Louisville, Buffalo, Pawtucket, Durham and Rochester all made the list. Not Syracuse. In fact Syracuse seems to be in free fall. Over the summer attendance in Syracuse fell to 345, 047, the lowest level in 17 years. Team loses are $505,146 and counting, the highest deficit in at least 40 years.
    The Syracuse franchise is community owned. The Board of Directors met last week and dismissed the General Manager. Other changes are pending. This could be a great opportunity for the Mets. They should move while the iron is hot and at least begin a conversation about the possibility of a future working arrangement to move their Triple-A team to Syracuse. It would be very beneficial to have the Double and Triple-A teams located only 80 minutes apart and a quick shuffle to Citi Field. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.