Cuban OF Julio Pablo Martinez Establishes Residency In Haiti

By Mets Daddy

November 9, 2017 5 Comments

Cuban prospect Julio Pablo Martinez has defected from Cuba, and he has established residency in Haiti.  The 21-year-old outfielder is now petitioning MLB for free agency. According to MLB Trade Rumors, the process for Martinez to become a free agent may take a few months.

Even if the process for MLB to grant him free agency may drag on, Martinez is already being proactive in attempting to get a new deal.‘s Jesse Sanchez reports Martinez is already in the process of scheduling a showcase for interested teams. Given the scouting reports on the outfielder, it seems many teams will be interested.

Over the past year, Martinez played in the Cuban National Series, the top league in Cuba. In 61 games, he hit .333/.469/.498 with 11 doubles, two triples, six homers, and 27 RBI.  Despite his promising talent, he did not participate in the World Baseball Classic.

According to Ben Bader of Baseball America, “Martinez is a lefty with a promising combination of power and speed . . . . Based on his present ability, he’s probably ready to go to a high Class A or Double-A team.”

For teams that are interested in Martinez, there are a few roadblocks with one of the main ones being Martinez is subject to the international bonus restrictions.

At a minimum, we should see the Mets attend Martinez’s showcase.  At the moment, minor league outfield depth is at a nadir, and the organization could use a talented outfielder who is not far from the majors.  Presumably, Martinez could fill that void.

  • ReneNYM1

    Let’s get him.

  • Reese Kaplan

    The Mets don’t do foreign players who require big bucks deals. They have passed on all of them since the days of Shinjo and Matsui.

  • mpetr37349

    The Mets have seemed to want to invest their international dollars elsewhere.This one may be different because of his age and he will be in the international bonus pool so there is a limit on how much he can be signed for. It will not be a bidding war like we have seen in the past.

  • The-rock-man

    Maybe we can hire the Atlanta’s former GM and he can play lets make a deal with both the Cuban and the Japanese players. Easier to beg for forgiveness than ask permission.

  • Slobby79

    while every team with some money left is angling for the japanese pitcher/dh and hording their ifa cash, lets go use some of our remaining money to go get him, bc unless they change the posting rules and he has a secret desire to come to the mets as a national league team we cant even offer him the dh. lets strike while everyone else is focused somewhere else