Daniel Muno About To Start His First Big League Camp

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February 10, 2014 3 Comments


Daniel Muno will be starting his first big league camp and even though it is a big accomplishment for him, he really wasn’t that surprised at the invite, Muno shares, “I had a feeling.”

Muno has been working hard to reach this point in his career since the day the Mets signed him out of California State University Fresno in 2011. Three years later, he is on the verge of not only showcasing his skills against big league talent, but also possibly playing his way into the Mets infield plans.

With the Mets looking at upgrading the shortstop position, Muno could be an obvious choice, even though he primarily played second base the last two seasons, he did come up as a shortstop and has seen time at the position throughout his pro career. Also, with Daniel Murphy locked in as the everyday second baseman for the Mets for now, Muno’s shot at making the team, may have to come with playing shortstop instead. I asked him if he would consider such a move, “Yes, I would definitely move to shortstop if needed,” says the infield prospect.

Muno is a long shot of even making the team for the 2014 season and most likely will be sent to Las Vegas to start the season in AAA. Looking ahead, Muno could get a call up in September when rosters expand and the only thing that may delay his journey to the bigs would be if the Mets did sign Stephen Drew to a multi year contract. But as for now the only thing blocking Muno would be Ruben Tejada, but Muno has a better stick than Tejada, which he has shown so far in his brief pro career; so if given the chance, Muno may surprise some people.

Last season with Binghamton (AA), Muno’s batting average dropped 31 points from .280 in 2012 to .249, but his power numbers improved when he belted nine home runs compared to six in 2012. It’s no secret that Muno missed 50 games in 2012 due to testing positive for PEDs, which cost some key time in his development, but he more than made up for it in 2013 by improving in all areas of his game and proving that 2012 is behind him and he is prepared to move forward towards his goal of playing major league baseball.

Every players big dream, is the day he debuts in the majors, and it has to start some place and no better time then to play in a big league camp. Muno is not only ready to showcase what he can do, but he is prepared to take it all in and take advantage of everything around him. One of the key elements of camp is getting an opportunity to not only talk with the veterans, but pick up some key pointers, and when I asked Muno was he looking forward to also doing the same, he shared, “Yes, I definitely am.”

One of the main things that Muno is looking forward to is not just being in camp but competing in the games. Not only will he get a chance to do that, but he will get some great advice from the likes of David Wright and Murphy, compete side by side with other players that have followed his same journey, and to show the fans that he indeed belongs in the bigs.

With only five days before camp officially opens, Muno may be a bit nervous, or just very excited, but when it all gets started, it will be just like any other new year for him playing the game he loves, and no matter what happens after camp breaks for the regular season, he will indeed take what he has learned into the 2014 season and continue on his journey of becoming an everyday major league ball player.

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  • Dave_in_Spain

    For these mini-profiles, it would add a lot to include a basic stat chart for the player. It would eliminate the need to go to baseball reference to check out his history.
    In Muno´s case, I think that the upcoming 40-man roster crunch will limit his chances of a September callup. With all of the guys that the Mets will have to protect this winter, roster spots will be at a premium. Besides, if Flores is still with the team and at AAA, you could easily see Tovar & Flores both called up before Muno for middle IF positions.

  • Dave_in_Spain

    A few interesting stat tidbits:
    BA has dropped each year as he moved up levels.
    High OBP– lowest in minors so far is .384.
    Not really a base stealer yet, but may have potential. in 2012 he stole 19 in 81 games and was caught 3 times. In 2013 he stole 15 but was caught 11 times in 127 games.
    Fielding %age for career of .941 at SS and .974 at 2B.

    Conclusion: Unless things turn around this year, he looks to me like nothing more than a utility IF, if he makes it at all. And I´m not sure if he´d even get moved up to AAA if Flores ends up in Vegas. But it is possible that he´d be there splitting time with Tovar and Flores, with TJ Rivera and Matt Reynolds at Binghamton.

  • paqza

    That said, a utility player making the league minimum who can switch hit and take a walk isn’t a bad guy to have on your team. If I were Muno, I’d be working not only to improve at 2B, but also try to play a passable 1B/3B/LF.