Darryl Strawberry to be Mets Representative at MLB Draft

By Former Writers

May 21, 2013 No comments


According to a report from Adam Rubin of ESPN New York, former New York Mets first round pick, Darryl Strawberry, will be representing the organization on June 6th for the Major League Baseball draft.

Straw played 17 years of big league baseball, but his first eight were with the Mets, as he came up through their farm system. He was inducted into the Mets Hall of Fame in 2010, and still has a presence on the franchise all-time stat sheet. His 252 home runs are currently the most in Mets history, and until last season, his 733 RBIs were the most by anyone to don the Orange and Blue.

I’ve really enjoyed watching the organization continue to welcome back players like Strawberry, Dwight Gooden, among others, on a regular basis. With the current focus on players being homegrown, it helps to look back and see how successful it once was, as both Strawberry and Gooden were vital pieces to the 1986 World Series championship. Who knows, maybe the Mets will draft someone in a couple weeks that ends up having the same kind of impact as either one of those two homegrown stars.