DePodesta: Syndergaard Could See Some Work Out Of 51’s Bullpen

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April 4, 2014 1 Comment

Noah Syndergaard

Marc Carig of NY Newsday reported that Noah Syndergaard may be sent to the bullpen to make occasional relief appearances.

In order to limit their innings, the Las Vegas starters may work out of the bullpen on occasion.

During Wednesday’s press conference, GM Sandy Alderson discussed the Mets’ young pitchers and how they may eventually be of help to the Mets bullpen later in the season.

On Thursday, Mets vice president Paul DePodesta shared how the young arms could be used in minor league games, “periodically used out of the ‘pen in a controlled way.”

“The plan would be for any relief stints to be fairly brief,” DePodesta told Newsday. “In other words, we don’t expect any of the starters to go into the ‘pen for a month at a time or anything like that. Of course, the situation could change. But that’s the feeling as of now.”

Earlier in the week Alderson discussed that it was “unlikely” that Syndergaard would be one of the pitchers used by the Mets to stock the bullpen later in the season. It appears based on the route they are taking with him, that Thor will follow the same path as Matt Harvey and Zack Wheeler and come up mid season.

“There’s a chance we could do it with anyone, depending on the circumstances,” said DePodesta when asked if Syndergaard would be one of the young arms to pitch out of the bullpen in minor-league games. “It’s not a matter of changing their role. It’s really a matter of workload.”

DePodesta also tells Newsday that the relief work would mostly be a way of keeping the pitchers within their monitored innings caps.

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  • willywater88

    I dont like this one bit. I’d rather shut them down in Sep or go with a six man rotation than to mess with their routine.