Exclusive MMN Interview: WBC Participant and Mets Prospect Nelmerson Angela

By Corne Hogeveen

March 3, 2017 1 Comment


The Curacao born Nelmerson Xavier Mariano Silver Angela received some great news as he made the World Baseball Classic Roster for Team Kingdom of the Netherlands. He will be part of a strong team including players like Andrelton Simmons, Xander Bogaerts among others. A team led by Hensley Meulens will play their first game on March 7th against Team Korea in Seoul.

Angela, 19, became a Met in 2015 and he signed he pitched 13.1 innings in the Dominican Summer League. During that span, Angela pitched to a 2.70 ERA and a 1.12 WHIP.

He followed it up with 52.2 innings in 2016 pitching to a sparkling 1.88 ERA with a 0.89 WHIP. Angela has worked as a starter and reliever in 2016 allowing just 31 hits and 16 walks in 52.2 innings. Angela is not a strikeout guy as he struck out just 51 in 66 career innings in the Dominican Summer League.

MMN – First of all thanks for answering my questions and congrats with making the WBC Roster. When did you receive the news that you made the team? How did that process go?

Nelmerson – Thank you for your congratulations. It was early in January, that I received a message from Mr. Steve Janssen on messenger, asking for my e-mail address, and he informed me that it is for future selections of the Kingdom team. The next day I received an e-mail informing me that I am on the 50 men roster for the World Baseball Classic. It was amazing.

MMN – Who from the Dutch team will you want to learn the most from?

Nelmerson – I would say coach Hensley Meulens, because of his perseverance and hard work as a baseball player, and now he became a successful MLB coach and Kingdom team manager.

MMN – In 2015 you became a Mets. How did the process go?

Nelmerson – In 2014, I made the Curaçao Senior League Selection; we became Champions in Curaçao and represented Curaçao in Panama (Latin America Championship). We became Latin America Champions and moved on to Bangor Maine. A Mets scout saw me pitching in Panama and asked the Mets coach in Curaçao to follow-up. So that I could go try out with Mets in Curaçao and Dominican Republic, they liked me and signed me as free agent.

MMN – You had a great season in 2016 with a 1.88 ERA and a 0.89 WHIP. What worked for you during the 2016 season?

Nelmerson – Hard work and dedication. In my offseason, I worked very hard, I went to the gym four days a week in the morning and to the field in the afternoon. I was determined to have a great season, so I can move on to the next level in the USA.

MMN – For Mets fans that don’t know you. Who is Nelmerson Angela as a pitcher?

Nelmerson – As a pitcher I am very focused on my game. When I have to pitch, I prepare myself mentally and physically, by sleeping early at night and waking up telling myself that I will come victorious out of this game.

MMN – What is your strength and what do you need to work on to get better?

Nelmerson – My strength is my change of speed when I’m pitching and my breaking balls. I am working on improving my velocity.

MMN – I guess you will make your stateside debut this season after two in the DSL. Any idea where you will pitch in 2017?

Nelmerson – I hope I will make my debut in GCL

MMN – How did you prepare for 2017 and how did that change when you heard you will be part of the WBC roster?

Nelmerson – I just prepared like I did last year, by doing my training and going to my gym. But this year I had to come earlier to the Dominican Republic Camp, so I am following my training here in Dominican Republic, and preparing myself for if and when I get the call from The Kingdom team.

MMN – Which teammate besides you, do Mets fans need to keep an eye on?

Nelmerson – My team- and roommate Shervyen Newton, he is a very good shortstop. He is also from Curaçao. Last year, in July I was “best pitcher of the month” and he was “best defensive player of the month”.

MMN – Final question. What are you goals for the 2017 season?

Nelmerson – My goals are to keep working hard, staying focused and becoming better than last year.

MMN – Good luck this season and in the WBC. I will be rooting for you. Thanks for your time.

Nelmerson – Thank you!

For me personally he is easy to root for because he plays for my home team. It would be great to see a Dutch/Netherlands native make it to the majors as a Met while also representing my home country.

In this interview you see that he is a very hard worker and tries to improve his game as much as he can. Again, good luck Nelmerson Angela and hope to see you pitch stateside fairly soon.Footer