Fangraphs Ranks Mets Seventh in Talent 25 and Under

By For the Love of Baseball

February 27, 2018 8 Comments

(Jacob Resnick/

In an article today for Fangraphs, Jeff Sullivan ranked the 30 MLB organizations in talent 25 years of age and under.

Just as a team needs a minor league system brimming with talented prospects, young players that have already broken into the major leagues is just as, if not more, valuable for the outlook of the organization.

Well, as many sources have been quick to put the Mets minor league system in the bottom third of baseball as of right now, this new ranking provides a far rosier outlook. In this ranking, Sullivan looked at players both in the major leagues and minor leagues that are 25 years old or under and tallied up the projected WAR using the Fangraphs Steamer and ZIPS projection models. The Mets actually ranked 7th in MLB (!) when looking at the top 10 WAR performers for each club.

Going a little further into each organization’s depth, when looking at the next ten top WAR performers, the Mets still ranked 7th out of 30 MLB teams in projected WAR. In front of the Mets, you will find the usual suspects, namely the Yankees and Astros, as well as some NL East foes that have burgeoning farm systems, like the Braves and Phillies.

The article does not delve into further depth as to which players made up these rankings for each team, but we can assume the Mets’ pretty picture is buoyed at the top by Noah Syndergaard and Michael Conforto.

Amed Rosario? I’m sure he was in there. But in order to keep the 7th ranking 20 players deep, this is a surprisingly positive reflection of the talent reaching the upper minor leagues in the Mets farm system.

While much maligned for not having MLB ready top talent busting through, the Mets will be sending Luis Guillorme and his renowned glove and on-base skills to Las Vegas this year, along with solid all-around catcher Tomas Nido. Is it possible that this ranking also partly reflects the stable of young power relievers that are also close to MLB ready, such as Jacob Rhame, Jamie Callahan, and Drew Smith? Either way, while we can only surmise the exact composition, this article gives Mets fans a lot to be excited about.

By the way, as if all of that wasn’t good enough: if Bryce Harper leaves Washington at the end of the season, the Nationals window may very well be closing. When looking at the “next” 10 top WAR performers for each club, (in essence players 11-20 according to WAR) Washington ranks in dead last of 30 MLB clubs. In fact, the Nationals have only 10 players in the entire system (majors and minors) that project for positive WAR in 2018. In other words, they are top heavy with aging stars like Max Scherzer and Daniel Murphy. Could this leave them extra prone to an injury-riddled disappointment as happened in 2015? Hard to bet on that, but Sullivan surmises in the article that for Washington, “tough times may be ahead.”

To say nothing of the talent a-ways-away, maybe the Mets near-term window isn’t as small as the naysayers say?

  • LongTimeFan1

    It’s great to know that Fangraphs ranks Mets youngsters well as a group. Good work bringing that to attention here.

    However, there are lots of mistakes in your write up. You should proofread and root out inconsistencies and things that make no sense.

    For instance, Fangraphs rankings are 25 and under, yet you sometimes state Fangraphs analysis is under 25, and sometimes you state 25 and under.


    “Fangraphs Ranks Mets 7th in Talent Under 25”

    “under 25 years of age.”

    “In this ranking, Sullivan looked at players both in the major leagues and minor leagues that are 25 years old or under”

    “but we can assume the Mets’ pretty picture is buoyed at the top by Noah Syndergaard and Michael Conforto.

    Amed Rosario? I’m sure he was in there. How about Brandon Nimmo, Dominic Smith, Steven Matz, all still under 25? Most likely.”


    Matz is 26.

    Under 25 doesn’t include Syndergaard who’s 25.

    Conforto turns 25 tomorrow.


  • The thing about the Mets in recent years is that they’ve been spending more $$$ for top 10 international kids and also reaching for high profile high school arms who got big pay days in draft.
    There’s a lot of talent in system now at lower minors and rookie ball/DSL.
    I’d love more AA and AAA level elite prospects but it is what it is. Many have graduated. It’s a flow. Hopefully starts back up again now this year.

  • Curtis Davis

    I would love to hear more about the pitching prospects in the A– AA levels that are showing promise.

  • Jason Mercado

    Conlon could be a Lefty reliever on Mets as soon as opening Day. Corey Oswalt & Chris Flexen had great seasons in AA and are Rotation depth. Marcos Molina is a guy that shows Promise as well as he’s near recovered from Tommy John. Shame Szapucki & Humpreys were hurt bc they could’ve been on this list. I expect Anthony Kay & David Peterson to make a splash this year.

  • Rick Maurice

    Great write up. Definitely a fresh take on an oft criticized system. Lots of reasons to be excited for the future, though. The fact that Fangraphs is recognizing the talent as well is a great sign. Would love to see the Mets leading the East like the Braves did in the 90s. Only with more rings to show for it in the end.

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