Gavin Cecchini’s Errorless Streak Hits 13 Games

By Mets Daddy

April 20, 2017 20 Comments

gavin cecchini

As a shortstop, Gavin Cecchini had all of the tools.  He had both the range, arm, and the bat to play the position.

Despite having all the tools, Cecchini struggled defensively making 33 errors last season. Most of the errors were throwing errors.  Cecchini’s struggles and the rise of Amed Rosario have led to Cecchini making the transition to play second base.

The hope was that with a shorter throw Cecchini would reduce the amount of throwing errors he made last year.

Well, it is only 14 games (one at shortstop) into the Las Vegas season, but it is notable Cecchini has not made an error at second base this season.  Cecchini has played 12 games at second and one at shortstop.

Just as important, Cecchini has not allowed the transition to affect him at the plate. In those 14 games, Cecchini is hitting .269/.377/.462 with four doubles, two home runs, seven RBI, and three stolen bases. Overall, Cecchini seems well suited to the position.

With each and every good game, Cecchini looks more and more like he could be the second baseman of the future. If Cecchini keeps this up, he is eventually going to force the Mets to call him up to the majors.  That pressure increases with every good game he has and with every poor game Jose Reyes has have at the plate with the possibility of moving over Neil Walker to third base.