GCL Mets Season Review: Vientos, Granadillo Impress

By Mets Daddy

September 12, 2017 7 Comments

The GCL Mets struggled much of this season finishing in last place in the Eastern Division with a 19-37 record.  Despite the poor record, Mark Vientos played extremely well since being drafted with the Mets second round selection this year.  Considering the GCL is a development league, this was a successful season.

When Vientos was drafted, he was seen as one of the top prep bats in the draft.  While one of the top prep bats, he was one of the youngest players in the draft.  At 17, he had a natural learning curve leading to the Mets assigning him to the GCL instead of Kingsport or Brooklyn like most of the top drafted players.

After an initial learning curve, Vientos hit .280/.327/.441 with six doubles, three homers, and 14 RBI over the final month of the GCL season. This stretch has accounted for half of his doubles and three of his four homers.  On the season, Vientos hit .259/.316/.397 with 12 doubles, four homers, and 24 RBI.

While the most important thing that came out of the GCL season was Vientos’ quick development, he was far from the only player who improved as a player this year.

A year after leading the Mets short season leaders in stolen bases, Guillermo Granadillo came out running against this year.  With his 17 stolen bases, Granadillo was the league leader in stolen bases.  In addition to his continuing to steal bases, Granadillo inproved his batting average, OBP, and slugging this year.

With Vientos and Granadillo making strides, there were also well regarded prospects Kenny Hernandez and Gregory Guerrero.  Depite Hernandez repeating the level, he failed to significantly improve from his numbers from last season.  In terms of Guerrero, he dealt with shoulder issues during the season.

On the pitching front, Jaison Vilera ranked in the top one and two in almost all the statistical categories in the GCL.  It is a large reason why Vilera was the sole member of the GCL Mets to be named to the Postseason All Star team.  For Vilera, it was a continuation of the terrific numbers he has put up during his professional career.

Overall, the Mets would find out something about a number of players.  With respect to Vientos and Grandillo, they made significant strides leading to them being rewarded with a promotion to Kingsport at the end of the season.  For Vilera, it was an outstanding year which has merited him getting a longer long look as a prospect.  For others, it was an important year of development for them to learn from and use for their development.

Coaching Staff

Manager: Jose Carreno

Pitching Coach: Jeremy Accardo

Hitting Coach: Yunir Garcia


Post-season All-Star: RHP Jaison Vilera

Hitting Leaders

PA: Kenny Hernandez 211
R: Guillermo Granadillo 26
H: Guillermo Granadillo 47
2B: Kenneth Bautista 13 (6th GCL)
3B: Luis Montero 4
HR: Mark Vientos 4
RBI: Mark Vientos 24
SB: Guillermo Granadillo 17 (League Leader)
BA: Hansel Moreno .387
OBP: Hansel Moreno .443
SLG: Hansel Moreno .500
OPS: Hansel Moreno .943

Starting Pitching

W: Jaison Vilera 3
ERA: Jaison Vilera 1.88 (2nd GCL)
GS: Jaison Vilera & Dedniel Nunez 8
CG: Jaison Vilera 1 (League Leader)
SHO: Jaison Vilera 1 (League Leader)
IP: Jaison Vilera 62.1 (League Leader)
K: Jaison Vilera 56 (Leauge Leader)
WHIP: Jaison Vilera 0.963 (2nd GCL)

Relief Pitching
(minimum 5 appearances)

W: Josh Walker 2
ERA: Kyle Wilson 1.50
G: Luis Mateo 18
S: Josh Walker 2
IP: Daison Acosta 22.0
K: Miguel Gutierrez 30
WHIP: Dariel Rivera 1.000



  • MetsNextYear

    Another bright star, who obviously finished the season with a promotion , was Hansel Moreno.

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