Hard-Throwing Black A Good Fit For Mets Bullpen

By Former Writers

September 3, 2013 No comments

Vic Black, we hardly knew you in the minors… in fact, you threw your first pitch in the Mets organization with the MLB team themselves. Now don’t get me wrong, I am pretty happy about that — and happy that your first pitch was a 97 MPH fastball with some late movement. But man, it feels like it would’ve been fun to cover you in the minors for a bit.

Take this piece from Mike Kerwick, for example. Kerwick profiles the young flamethrower, who was once the owner of three different sports cars. Black was one of those players who wanted to drive faster than he threw — quite a challenge considering he’s touched 101 MPH in his career. Unfortunately for him, the hand of the law was not fond of his antics.

“Too many speeding tickets in Dallas,” Black said before Sunday night’s game against the Washington Nationals. “Too many Tollways that look way open, and then you come over a hill, and there’s a cop. It wasn’t worth it.” Although he’s claimed to have toned down his aggression on the road, and that he now drives a Dodge truck, we’re hoping that his aggressiveness on the mound stays the way it has been. Black is coming a 2012 season in Double-A Altoona where he posted a 1.65 ERA and owns a 2.65 ERA in Triple-A Indianapolis this season. His K/9 rate over those two seasons? A staggering 12.5.

Although he was shocked by the original trade, Black seems satisfied with the opportunity he has with the Mets now. “There’s something that’s being built here,” Black said.

You’re right, Vic…you’re right.