International Free Agency: Mets Interested in Luis Carpio

By Former Writers

June 20, 2013 7 Comments


As teams are looking through all the potential options in the international market to help bolster their respective farm systems in a couple weeks, Ben Badler of Baseball America profiles some of the top shortstops in today’s July 2nd Notebook. Of the shortstops available, the Mets are interested in 15-year-old Venezuelan Luis Carpio. Here’s what Badler had to say about him:

Carpio, who can sign once he turns 16 on July 11, is around 6 feet, 170 pounds and looks better in games than he does in workouts, although he is a plus runner. He’s a contact-oriented hitter with good pitch recognition, bat control and a line-drive approach with gap power. Scouts describe him as a scrappy player whose arm could lead him to second base.

While this doesn’t seem like anything too exciting, Carpio would have plenty of time to develop his skills and his body in the Mets organization if he does eventually come on board. I’ll take line drives and gap power any day.

  • Kirk Cahill

    I’d like to see the Mets focus more on adding the elite talent from the international side. While they’ve made some seemingly good signings in recent years (Flores, Montero, Mateo, Lara, Ynoa, etc.), I’d really like to see them step up for players in the Cespedes, Soler, Puig, Sano ilk.

  • Matt Musico

    That would certainly be welcomed.

  • This doesn’t sound exciting at all. Sure I’m all for adding talent, but a kid seemingly destined for 2B and is more scrappy than tools?? I’ll pass.

  • taskmaster4450

    From what I read, Rosario qualifies as an elite talent.

    The Mets are already starting him higher than many predicted.

  • 3doza33

    Better be cheap! Hope we can sign more Rosario type/talented players! Maybe a stud outfielder, catcher or pitchers if available. We should spend as much as we can in international signings every year so we don’t have to spend tons later in free agency! That should be the way of the future! Stock up on these kids! I know they don’t all pan out but high priced free agents that don’t pan out hurt even more!!

  • mary luz

    siempre hay que tener una base solida para suplir aquellos grandes ligas que ya esten finalizando sus estadias en las grades ligas.hay un dicho, el que no arriesga nunca tiene nada. para eso existen las distintas academias de las organizaciones de las grandes ligas para las preparaciones de los talentos con condiciones al beisbol y de alli, a traves de su formacion salen ha ejercer los equipos. me alegro mucho que se esten tomando en cuenta talentos a temprana edad, alli es donde esta el futuro de las organizaciones de grandes ligas y de paso hay mucho talentos internacionales. este es un caso, un joven con el perfil antes descrito a pesar de su corta edad. para mi, este joven debe ser un gran pelotero.

  • Dave in Spain

    Translation (more or less):
    There always needs to be a solid base to supply the big leagues (something). There is a saying that he who never risks has (ends up with) nothing. That’s why these academies affiliated with big league organizations exist– to prepare talented kids with respect to baseball and to conditions there (in the US??), and through this training emerge to play on teams. It makes me very happy that they are taking into account talent at an early age– that’s where the future of the big league teams is. There is a lot of international talent. In this case, a young kid with the profile described above in spite of his youth,– for me, this kid could be a great player.
    Sorry for any mistakes! Disculpe qualquier error!