Is Bobby Abreu The Answer For The Mets?

By Former Writers

April 11, 2014 3 Comments

Bobby Abreu

When the Mets signed Bobby Abreu on March 31, I have to admit, I really didn’t understand that move, especially when the Mets have a crop of younger ball players ready to take their turn and become stars on the big club.  The move to bring in a 40 year old ball player past his prime didn’t really sit well with me.  My thinking was maybe they feel he still has something left in the tank, but in reality it could delay a top prospect for a what-if.

But I have to admit, at least for now that I will have to eat my words, because not only has Abreu been hitting, but he has actually solidified himself in the lineup and has started to be a guy to count on to produce.

On the season so far he is 10 for 19, batting .526/.591/684, with three doubles, has only struck out twice and has hit safely in seven of the eight games he has played with the 51’s.  He also has three multi hit games in that stretch.

Wally Backman has seen his share of great hitters and he tells the Las Vegas Journal-Review that Abreu still has it, “He turned on a 98 mph fastball with the bases loaded, so I’d say he can still hit.”

I can’t say that Abreu is the answer to the Mets offensive woes, but if he continues to hit and produce, the Mets may need to make some decisions and possibly see if he is actually the guy to help the team win. The one issue I see is, where will he play, because so far in Vegas he has served as the primary DH and so that limits what he can do with the big club.

But the big thing hanging over the Mets heads is the 90 games that Sandy Alderson has stated the Mets can win. So is Abreu the guy to help the Mets reach that goal?

If Abreu continues to smash Triple A pitching, we all may be able to answer that question soon enough. Either way it makes a good story line for the Mets and their pursuit of a great season.

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  • Reese Kaplan

    Just in case you hadn’t considered it, the NL doesn’t use a DH. They are full in the outfield currently and through 2107 big league games Abreu has never played 1st 🙂 Where exactly would he play?

  • David Conde

    You make some great points and the reason for the post was just that the Mets signed Abreu to a minor league deal knowing full well that they have their outfield full and their minor league outfield full, and all he has been doing is batting DH to get him in the games.

    The fact that he is actually tearing it up, makes you wonder what the next move of the Mets would be. Initially it was indicated that he would help the younger guys with his veteran leadership and presence, but now that he is playing well, what do you do. No one will trade for a 40 year old DH and give us anything significant in return.

    So it will be interesting to see if the Mets Brass actually feel that Abreu can help the team and the only viable position is off the bench or adding him to the first base mix.

  • kunym16

    I think once the first base situation is squared away (which it should be Ike, but I digress), Abreu, if he is still hitting well, will be brought up as the lefty off the bench. This team needs a lefty bat, that can play OF in a pinch. I know Duda can “play” OF, but Abreu has a lot more experience out there and actually has a history of hitting.