Jenrry Mejia Will Be Considered For Mets Bullpen Role

By Joe D.

March 17, 2014 No comments


Andy Martino of the Daily News spoke with two Mets insiders who told him that the Mets are strongly considering a plan that would have Jenrry Mejia begin the season in the major league bullpen, remain with the team through the year, and eventually become a starter.

Previously, the assumption had been that Mejia, 24, was competing for the fifth spot in the Mets’ starting rotation, but was more likely to begin as starter for Triple-A Las Vegas.  But the team has lately been seriously discussing a different plan, one that would allow Mejia to help the Mets all season.

Now this is a plan I could live with…

Martino adds that the Mets have not yet chosen their fifth starter, but insiders say that Daisuke Matsuzaka is the clear frontrunner, with the team also impressed by John Lannan (Lannan could also be in the bullpen).  Mejia has not been technically eliminated from that competition, but a different assignment now seems more likely for him.

Mejia has lost any value he’s had, so rebuilding him by starting in the bullpen wouldn’t be a bad idea. It will also allow him to pitch the whole season and not be shutdown due to an innings limit.

(Photo Credit: Brad Barr)