Juan Lagares Honored As Top Defender For The Mets

By Former Writers

November 8, 2013 1 Comment


Congratulations to Juan Lagares for earning the 2013 Wilson Defensive Player of The Year for the Mets.

The award is handed out to one player from each team that stands out with their defensive skills.  In 2013, Lagares, who was not in the initial early season plans to become a steady outfielder, proved everyone wrong, when he was given the opportunity to play more.  In 116 games roaming the outfield, he had 281 put outs, 15 assists, only five errors, and a .983 Fld% in 301 chances.

Lagares is on a mission to prove that he just isn’t a defensive minded ball player. He is not known as a threat with his bat, but he hopes that his offensive success this off-season in the Dominican Winter League, where he is batting .350/.341/.375 in 10 games, will carry over to the 2014 season and help make the Mets plans to land another outfielder an easier decision.

I still feel Lagares should be given the opportunity to lose his job, even though most of the accolades have come on the defensive side. But he is still only 24 years old and the more confidence that is instilled in him, I feel he will turn into an all-around ball player. Just can’t count out what an amazing defensive player he is; especially being a threat to every base runner thinking they can score at any time. In my mind the Mets have one less thing to worry about this off-season.

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  • NCMetFan

    Lagares was a reason to watch the Metsies the final two months of the season. I was happy to see got the bulk of CF time, even after DD came up. He earned it! His bat showed some improvement as the season went on and it was his first experience with the dog days of summer a 162 schedule brings. I have great hope he will progress with the bat. He showed signs of making adjustments so improvement is a reasonable expectation. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him flanked by DD, who ends up in a platoon with a right handed hitter. It should take a blockbuster trade or injury to move Lagares from CF. No other reason warrants anyone else roaming CF for the Mets in April 2014.