Lagares’ Knee Issue Is Relatively Minor

By Former Writers

December 6, 2013 1 Comment

Juan lagares

A little update on the situation…


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Well, Juan Lagares tweeted out that he is headed to NYC to get his knee checked out. You can check out the tweet right here — it’s in Spanish, though.

He tweeted out after that “everything is okay” and noted in his first tweet that he’s leaving everything in God’s hands. We can only hope it’s not a serious injury or anything, and that whatever is ailing him is dealt with quickly.

Lagares has recently been playing ball in the Dominican Winter League — and dominating there with a .342 average in 28 games so far. He doesn’t seem too concerned, but we all know how bad things can turn in a second when it comes to the Mets, so let’s keep our fingers crossed.