Las Vegas 51s Coaching Staff Shakeup Expected

By Mets Daddy

October 3, 2017 3 Comments

In addition to changes the Mets have undertaken with their Major League coaching staff, Sandy Alderson told reporters the Mets intend to have a “major shakeup” with the Las Vegas 51s coaching staff. (Anthony DiComo of

This should come as no surprise as the changes have already begun.  As reported earlier by MMN, hitting coach Jack Voigt will not be returning to the organization.  Additionally, there have been reports that not only is Frank Viola not under consideration to replace Dan Warthen as the Mets Pitching Coach, but he may not even return to his current role as the 51s Pitching Coach.

With Voigt gone and Viola’s position tenuous, that leaves the Mets with a decision to make on Pedro Lopez.  After the 51s finished in last place with a 56-86 record, and the team saw top prospect Gavin Cecchini struggle, Lopez’s job being in danger is unfortunate but shouldn’t be a surprise.

Check back with MMN as this story develops . . . .

  • Nessim Toledano

    As you’ve said, there’s not much left to shake up except for Pedro Lopez.
    I have mixed views about removing him, however. Yeah, the team was horrible this year, and thats not something I ever want my organization to accept.
    That said, Lopez has had a successful track record with this organization and one year should not undo all of that. The learning curve for a manager is much steeper when going from AA to AAA than moving up at any other levels, and features variables that he has never faced before. And I’d like to see him get another chance to overcome it.
    Is Lopez out of his depth, here? Or does he merely need a second shot to correct himself? And maybe the Mets need to get with the times and add a fourth coach to the AAA staff, as seventeen other organizations have done over the past three or four years. Perhaps having an experienced career guy like Phil Regan on his staff would have helped him ease his transition.

  • They started the collapse when they fired Wally. I hope they’re happy.

  • Nessim Toledano

    No. They started to collapse when Wally was still there.
    In 2015, the team blew a 9.5 game lead with 25 games to play. In 2016, they entered August in a dead heat with El Paso. El Paso played poorly in August, but Vegas played even worse and finished in third, while El Paso managed to hang on and fend off a challenge from red hot Albuquerque who started the month in a distant third place.