Law: Mets Farm System Fine When Healthy

By Mets Daddy

February 10, 2018 5 Comments

(Jacob Resnick/Mets Minors)

In his weekly chat hosted at his personal Meadow Party expressed some optimism for what has become a much maligned farm system:

Kay: Is is odd that I’m kind of encouraged by the raw talent in the Mets minors still? Desmond Lindsay and Justin Dunn are still young, raw, talented prospects who had rough years. Szapucki coming back from TJ, three legit LHP starter prospects…and a high pick this year. Not so bad.

Keith Law: It’s just not that bad a system if they get everyone healthy. Lindsay had a vision issue, and then got hurt about six weeks after he got new goggles and started hitting. Considering how little they’ve gotten back in trades, I think the system is fine. They could just use some better luck this year – them and Colorado, who also had a ridiculous year of dudes getting hurt.

Law is certainly right in that the Mets minor leaguers need some better luck on the health front.

Top prospects Desmond Lindsay, Thomas Szapucki, and Jordan Humphreys all had season ending surgeries. Of that group, only Lindsay is expected to play next year.

If healthy, Lindsay should be in a position to play a full season and make significant strides. This is not too dissimilar from what we saw from Jhoan Urena.  After he had dealt with hamate bone injuries, Urena got back on track last season in St. Lucie helping lead to his getting a late call-up to Las Vegas.

By no means should this be construed as an exhaustive list. Really, it barely scratches the surface. Thats’s part of what Law was driving at in his chat.

The talent, even those like Justin Dunn who have struggled without injury, still have an immense amount of talent. At times like these, it’s important to note development is not linear, and sometimes when an athletically gifted player figures it out, they tend to take off.

With the reshuffled coaching staff, some driven and talented players, and with some health, we could very well see some Mets prospects break out this year. If so, the prognosticators, like Law, may ultimately conclude the system is more than fine.