Matt Pobereyko Released

By Mets Daddy

March 13, 2019 No comments

Matt Pobereyko/Photo by Ed Delany

The New York Mets have released minor league reliever Matt Pobereyko. The undrafted 27 year old right-handed reliever began his career in the Diamondbacks organization and had played in the Frontier League before being signed by the Mets.

He had made a strong enough impression on the Mets organization in 2017 that the team would include him as part of their contingent to the Arizona Fall League. Last year, Pobereyko made 42 appearances between St. Lucie, Binghamton, and Las Vegas. He was 3-3 with a 3.34 ERA, 1.147 WHIP, 4.3 BB/9, and a 9.7 K/9.

In response to being released, Pobereyko said on Twitter, “I’ve been successful everywhere i have ever played. From the minor leagues, to the fall league, to the Dominican winter league. All as a player who was never drafted. I’ve been released, twice as of now. This isn’t the end to a career. It’s just on to the next one.”

Pobereyko has shown the ability to hide the ball well in his delivery, and his fastball hits 95 MPH. With his repetoire also including a slider and splitter, he has been able to strike out a high rate of batters. As a result, he may be signed by another organization at some point during 2019.