Updated: Mets 2016 Draft Signings Tracker

By Teddy Klein

July 13, 2016 27 Comments


We will be tracking the signings and their assignments here on MMN just to make sure you know who is being signed, how much they are being signed for, and where they will be assigned. We will also have reports for each player as we can get them. Where you see the word “Report”  in with an Underline, will be another profile on a player who the Mets have drafted in 2016. Many of the college players have stats readily available.

Color Code:

This Means the player is Signed and has been placed on a team

This Means the player is Signed, but has not been assigned to a team

This means the player is not signing

Round 1, Pick 19 RHP Justin Dunn, – Report

Slot Value: $2,378,800 Actual Bonus: $2,378,800

School: Boston College, JR  Bat/Throws:   S/R       Height:  6’2″    Weight: 184

Status: Signed

Assignment: Short Season-A Brooklyn Cyclones

Round 1A, Pick 100 LHP Anthony Kay  – Report

Slot Value: $1,972,100 Actual Bonus: $1,100,000

School: UConn, JR   Bat/Throws:   L/L       Height:  5’11”     Weight: 186

Status: Signed

Assignment: Will not be pitching this year.

Round 2, Pick 64 1B Pete Alonso  – Report

Slot Value: $1,009,200 Actual Bonus: $909,200

School: University Of Florida, JR   Bat/Throws:   R/R       Height:  5’11”     Weight: 225

Status: Signed

Assignment: Short-Season A Brooklyn Cyclones

Round 3, Pick 100 3B Blake TiberiReport

Slot Value: $596,600 Actual Bonus: $500,000

School: University Of Louisville, RS SO   Bat/Throws:   L/R       Height:  5’11”     Weight: 200

Status: Signed

Assignment: Short Season-A Brooklyn Cyclones

Round 4, Pick 130, SS Michael Paez  – Report

Slot Value: $446,500

School: Coastal Carolina, JR  Bat/Throws:   R/R        Height:  5’8″    Weight: 165

Status: Signed

Assignment: Short-Season A Brooklyn Cyclones

Round 5, Pick 160, SS Colby Woodmansee – Report

Slot Value: $334,500, Actual Bonus: $334,500

School: Arizona State, JR    Bat/Throws: R/R     Height:   6’3″     Weight: 195


Assignment: Short-Season A Brooklyn

Round 6, Pick 190 RHP Christopher Viall – Report

Slot Value: $250,500 Actual Bonus: $250,500

School:  Stanford, JR    Bat/Throws: R/R   Height: 6’9″     Weight: 230

Status: Signed Per Mets Announcement

Assignment: Kingsport

Round 7, Pick 220 RHP Austin McGeorge – Report

Slot Value: $187,800 Actual Bonus: $175,000

School:  Cal State Long Beach   Bat/Throws: R/R    Height:  6’2″   Weight: 185


Assignment: Short-Season-A Brooklyn Cyclones

Round 8, Pick 250 LHP Placido Torres  – Report

Slot Value: $175,400  Actual Bonus: $10,000

School: Tusculum College, SR  Bat/Throws:  L/L      Height:    5’11”    Weight: 170 LB

Status: Signed

Assignment: Rookie League Kingsport Mets

Round 9, Pick 280  RHP Colin Holderman  – Report

Slot Value: $163,700 Actual Bonus: $400,000

School:  Heartland CC  Bat/Throws:  R/R  Height: 6’6″     Weight: 220

Status: Signed, 6/13/2016

Assignment: Rookie League Kingsport Mets

Round 10, Pick 310 OF Gene Cone – Report

Slot Value: $156,600  Actual Bonus: $150,000

School:  University Of South Carolina, JR  Bat/Throws: L/L     Height:  6’0″   Weight: 170

Status: Signed, 6/16/16

Assignment: Short-Season A Brooklyn Cyclones

Round 11, Pick 340  RHP Cameron Planck – Report    

Bonus: $1,000,001

School:  Rowan County High School (KY)  Bat/Throws: R/R  Height:  6’4  Weight: 218

Status: Signed

Assignment: Unknown

Round 12, Pick 370, RHP Matthew Cleveland – Report        

Signing Bonus: $300,000

School: Windsor HS(CT)  Bat/Throws: R/R  Height: 6’5″  Weight: 200

Status: Signed

Assignment: Unknown

Round 13, Pick 400, C Daniel Rizzie – Report         

School: Xavier U, SR  Bat/Throws:  R/R   Height: 6’2″  Weight: 195

Status: Signed

Assignment: Short-Season-A Brooklyn Cyclones

Round 14, Pick 430, RHP Christian James – Report         

School:  East Lake HS (FL) Bat/Throws: R/R Height:  6’4″ Weight: 195

Status: Signed Per Rubin 6/15/16 for $100,000

Assignment: Rookie League Gulf Coast

Round 15, Pick 460, CF Jacob Zanon  – Report       

School:  Lewis Clark State College, Jr  Bat/Throws:  R/R Height: 6’1″  Weight: 185

Status: Signed, 6/13/16

Assignment: Short-Season-A Brooklyn Cyclones

Round 16, Pick 490, RHP Trent Johnson – Report      

School:  Santa Fe CC  Bat/Throws:   R/R   Height: 6’5″  Weight: 185

Status: Signed Per Rubin 6/15/16

Assignment: Rookie League Kingsport Mets

Round 17, Pick 520, 3B Jay Jabs – Report         

School: Franklin Pierce, JR Bat/Throws: L/R Height: 6’0″ Weight: 190

Status: Signed

Assignment: Brooklyn Cyclones

Round 18, Pick 550, RHP Adam Atkins  – Report

School: Louisiana Tech, SR Bat/Throws: R/R Height:  6’3″ Weight: 210

Status: Signed

Assignment: Short-Season-A Brooklyn Cyclones

Round 19, Pick 580, RHP Gary Cornish  – Report

School: U Of San Diego, SR  Bat/Throws: R/R Height: 6’2″  Weight: 187

Status: Signed

Assignment: Short-Season-A Brooklyn Cyclones

Round 20, Pick 610, LF Carlos Cortes       

Status: Not Signing

Round 21, Pick 640, RHP Maxwell Kuhns – Report

School:   Santa Clara U  Bat/Throws: R/R    Height:  6’3″   Weight: 210

Status: Signed

Assignment: Rookie League Kingsport Mets

Round 22, Pick 670, CF Ian Strom – Report

School: U Mass Lowell, Jr  Bat/Throws:  R/L   Height:  6’2″ Weight: 200

Status: Signed

Assignment: Rookie League Kingsport Mets

Round 23, Pick 700, 2B Nicholas Sergakis – Report

School: OSU, 5Yr Senior Bat/Throws: R/R  Height: 5’8″  Weight: 175 LBS

Status: Signing

Assignment: Brooklyn Cyclones

Round 24, Pick 730, RHP Dariel Rivera – Report

School:  Dr. Juan J. Osuna   Bat/Throws: R/R  Height: 6’3″   Weight: 160

Status: Signed Per Rubin 6/15/16, Bonus $50,000

Assignment: Instructional Gulf Coast League

Round 25, Pick 760, LHP Cody Beckman – Report     

Status: Not Signing

Round 26, Pick 790, 3B Rylan Thomas – Report    

School: Windemere Prep  Bat/Throws: R/R Height: 6’0″ Weight: 225



Round 27, Pick 820, LHP Joel Urena – Report

School: Georgio Luperon HS for Math & Science (16 Years Old) Bat/Throws:  L/L   Height: 6’5″  Weight: 235



Round 28, Pick 850, RHP William Sierra – Report

Status: Not Signing

Round 29, Pick 880, RHP Alex Haynes – Report    

Status: Was interested, but not signing.

Round 30, Pick 910, RHP Eric Villanueva – Report 

School: Josefina Barcelo HS, PR B/T: R/R Height: 6’1″ Weight: 180

Status: Signed Per Rubin 6/15/16, Bonus $50,000

Assignment: Instructional Gulf Coast League

Round 31, Pick 940, LF Jeremy Wolf – Report

School: Trinity U, SR Position: LF B/T: L/R Height:  6’3″ Weight: 220

Status: Signed

Assignment: Rookie League Kingsport Mets

Round 32, Pick 970 Overall, RHP George Kirby – Report

School: Rye HS, NY   Bat/Throws: R/R    Height: 6’4″    Weight:  195



Round 33, Pick 1000 Overall SS Duncan Pence – Report 

Status: Headed To School

Round 34, #1030 Overall RHP Anthony Herron – Report

School: Jefferson College Bat/Throws: R/R  Height: 6’2″  Weight: 195



Round 35, #1060 Overall, RHP Andrew “Grayson” Harbin

Status: Headed to School.

Round 36, #1090 Overall RHP Garrison Bryant – Report

School: Clearwater HS  Bat/Throws: R/R Height: 6’4″  Weight: 190

Status: Signed

Assignment: Unknown

Round 37, #1120 Overall, SS Branden Fryman – Report

School: JM Tate HS  Bat/Throws: R/R  Height:  6’1″   Weight: 160



Round 38, #1150 Overall SS Jaylon McLaughlin

Status: Headed to School

Round 39, #1180 Overall, C Jordan Hand – Report

School: College of Southern Nevada  Bat/Throws: R/R  Height:  6’3″  Weight: 225



Round 40, #1210 Overall, C Michael Chambers – Report

School: Jean Paul II HS (TX)  B/R: R/R  Height: 6’2″  Weight: 190





  • TexasGusCC

    $400K for Holderman? Why do you think the Mets went so high passed slot value? It’s 2.5X the pick’s assigned value.

  • Not4

    Don’t know the specifics of this one guy Gus, but as a college senior, he had little leverage. Those guys get squeezed quite often and often settle for $10K. Mets likely selected Torres, in part, to be able to allocate a good chunk of his slot money to other draftees. Pretty sure most teams do this fairly regularly.

  • Indian Dynamite!

    Well we signed:

    RHP Colin Holderman – Report

    Slot Value: $163,700 Actual Bonus: $400,000


  • TurdFerguson15

    Any chance the Mets sign Cortes?

  • Rocky Thompson

    Torres is a college Senior so he has absolutely no leverage. As a 23 year old, 5’11” pitcher he is just happy that he will be getting an opportunity.

  • Unlikely. His commitment to Miami is pretty strong and he’s probably not thrilled to be picked this low when he was ranked so high.

  • What they said. Torres is a little guy at D2, and was a college senior so they drafted him high and gave him underslot.

  • TurdFerguson15

    Damn. Ho-hum draft in terms of high school potential then.

  • Planck is iffy too… He’s been offered 3rd round money, and turned it down, which is over 600K.

  • TurdFerguson15

    I would imagine the fact that Alonso and Paez’s delay in signing would hinder the Mets’ ability to discern how much slot money they have to increase their offer to Planck.

  • Yes, that is true.

  • Rocky Thompson

    Teddy, Who are the top upside guys the Mets drafted after the 10th round? After 10th round is it $100k plus whatever slot money the team has left over?

  • NYM_Conforto
  • Rocky Thompson


  • yeah.

    Upside guys are Planck (11th) Cleveland (12th) Jabs (17th, already signed)
    Cortes (20th, not signing), Thomas (26th) Urena (27th) Haynes (29th) Kirby (31st, probably not signing), and Fryman (37th)

  • Rocky Thompson

    Thanks for the info.

  • illnagas

    might be cool to watch Paez in the CWS

  • Michael Mayer

    That would be cool but torn because I want him to start his Mets career too.

  • Buddy3

    I don’t see the cap money to go over slot for any of the remaining upside guys, given that we stayed closely on slot for most of our guys except for Torres (significantly under) and Holderman (significantly over).
    Where will money come from unless our top 4 picks sign under slot?

    Was anyone surprised that 14th pick James signed for $100K. I thought is demands were much higher pre-draft?

  • I suspect that Dunn and Kay will be for slot, if not a little underslot. Alonso is likely to go under slot. Paez is likely to go underslot, and Tiberi is probably for slot.

    Right now the team is 51,600 over slot, but the top 5 picks represent 81% of the slot allotment. Also, the Mets could possibly go 5% above their pool.

    James had a few off the field issues I heard, and really didn’t want to go to college.

  • TurdFerguson15

    Wow, James doesn’t sound like the type of kid I’d invest 100k in.

  • Buddy3

    Planck, Thomas and Cleveland seem like the guys we want to go over slot on if we have any money left. This might be the year to go over by 5%.
    Is there a penalty if we do so?

  • TurdFerguson15

    Yes, the Mets could lose future picks. I was hoping they would throw the kitchen sink at Planck and Cortez. Alas, Cortes is going to college.

  • Michael Mayer

    I really like Planck but he is said to have turned down 3rd round money so I think that is a pass. I would focus on Cleveland, really like his stuff.

  • Yuhknopaboutwapt

    Jordan Hand really don’t want to sign with the Mets, huh? lol

  • Rocky Thompson

    If you go over by 0 to 5% there is a 75% penalty on the overage. If the team goes over pool by more than 5% then you lose future picks.

  • The-rock-man

    Forgive me for my ignorance, but is this the best group of draftees we had in a long time. I look at the Brooklyn group and I have to wonder if most of these guys have a greater chance to develop then previous drafts. I realize we don’t have the top 10 pick, but wow we did secure some talent. We did draft some college players and the correct answer is ask me in 5 years, but i’m amazed at the Brooklyn team.