Mets Minors 80 Grade Name Team

By John Sasso

October 4, 2016 1 Comment


Here at MMN we cover nine teams over five levels so there are literally hundreds of prospects that we come across. Some are memorable, others are easily forgotten or overlooked. There are great prospects who’s play stands out, like Amed Rosario. Then there are players with 80 grade tools that you can dream on with the big IF. If they can become a baseball player like Champ Stuart.

The 80 grade refers to the top grade of a scouting scale. This could be a future value potential projection, such as Milton Ramos’ defense. Or it could refer to a current value such as the case with Champ Stuart’s raw speed. Then there are the 80 grade names, names so apt for baseball that it was as if their parents knew what they would become. ( A subject that has in itself received its share of coverage.)

Here is our take at 25 man roster of the 80 grade names within the Mets organization. A few notes on the team; with a majority of our team made up of players in the low minors, we carry additional starters in the bullpen to piggyback our young arms. Every team needs a manager and we promote DSL Mets2 team first base coach and former player, Yucarybert De La Cruz to manage our team.

Starting Rotation

RHP: Nabil Crismatt – The young Colombian born righty finished the season with a 2.47 ERA while pitching at three levels including a one-run six inning tough luck loss in Binghamton.

LHP: Sixto Torres – The Puerto Rican born southpaw was drafted out of HS in Florida is just scraping the surface of potential. He finished the season as a part of a solid Kingsport rotation and had a 2.43 ERA on the season. 

RHP: Merandy Gonzalez  – The Dominican born Merandy has a sub 3.00 ERA over four seasons within the organization. His name just sounds celebratory.

RHP: Ezequiel Zabaleta – Having a first name that conjures up Pulp Fiction is worthy enough for a place on our team. Having a surname of Basque origin makes him double worthy. The Colombian born Zabaleta had a sensational stateside debut with a 0.908 WHIP. 

LHP Aneury Olivo – The Dominican born gives our rotation some balance and causes hitters stress with his arsenal. 


LHP: Nelmerson Xavier Mariano Silvano Angela – The name Nelmerson would be worthy of inclusion in itself. Having five first names makes him worthy of an all-time team consideration.

RHP: Ygnacio Rondon – The 6’4” Dominican has a name built for a fireballing relief pitcher. 

RHP: Yeizo Campos – The Venezuelan born right-hander saw his first professional action this season in the DSL. 

RHP: Nicco Blank – An apt name for the fireballing relief pitcher drafted in the 25th round in the 2014 draft.

LHP: Kerwin Nieves – The Venezuelan with a Gaelic name gets our LOOGY nod. 

RHP: Garrison Bryant: The strike throwing Florida native is a 2016 26th round draft pick that can help fortify our bullpen with his three pitch arsenal.

RHP: Joseph Zanghi The Connecticut born righty signed as a free agent after being drafted by the Cincinnati Reds in 2015. Zanghi brings a “rancid” upper mid-nineties fastball to the back end of our bullpen.


Catcher: Dionis Rodriguez – With a name that means “Greek God of wine”, who else is more deserving of our starting backstop.

First Base: Dash Winningham – The lumberjack like first baseman should not be confused as a fleet footed singles hitter. 

Second Base: Rigoberto Terrazas – The Mexican born Terrazas made his stateside debut in the GCL this season after two seasons in the DSL. He played at every infield position this year and in his short time as a professional has played everywhere but the battery.

Third Base: Blake Tiberi – A 2016 draft pick with a name that flows off the tongue with ease.

Shortstop: Colby Woodmansee – Much like Brooklyn we have a 2016 draft heavy team. Our shortstop just has a name that calls for a clutch hit late in a game.


Wagner Lagrange – The 2015 Sterling award winner with a name of an enlightenment era mathematician and a ZZ Top song will always have a place on our team.

Ranfy Adon – The Dominican born Ranfy, actually has a surname with a Hebrew meaning of Lord. As a prospect he is one of the more athletic players in the organization.

Hengelbert Rojas – A latin variation of a unique Germanic name that makes me think of my time working in a nursing home in my teens.


Brandon Brosher – A mashing sounding name that fits his profile and gives us a bashing backup backstop. 

Champ Stuart – One of those names that is simply fitting for a baseball player, gives us speed off the bench.

Maikis De La Cruz – The fifth outfielder spot goes to our oldest player at 26. 

Yeffry De Aza – Our utility infielder has a simple but aesthetic name. 

Wilmer Reyes – The 18-year old from the Dominican Republic has a name that isn’t unique or difficult to pronounce. Just a very Met name that gets the final spot on our roster. 

While I limited the roster to 25, there were a few omissions that were deserving of mention such as; Guillermo Granadillo, Jay Jabs, Raywilly GomezTulio Garcia, Yeudy Colonand Eulises Sanchez.

As some names standout, and others have origins that are very apt for the game. There is something I always do when I hear or read a name at the ballpark, I fondly envision Ralph Kiner butchering them.