Mets Powerful Weapon In The Bullpen: RHP Jeurys Familia

By Joe D.

January 28, 2014 2 Comments

There is a very good chance that Jeurys Familia can develop into a powerful weapon in the Mets bullpen beginning as soon as this season.

j familia - AP Photo-Jeff Roberson

The hard-throwing righty has just completed a dominating performance in Winter Ball that had more than one scout raving about his 100+ MPH fastball.

On Monday, Bernie Pleskoff of MLB Pipeline, provided some validation.

If he can control his best pitches, two-seam and four-seam fastballs and a slider, he will make a tremendous impact at the end of a ballgame. With his 95-96 mph velocity on his four-seam and sinking fastball, Familia has the pitch that can miss bats and induce highly desirable strikeouts when they are needed the most. Once the hitter is set up with the heater, his 82-83 mph slider buckles knees and has the hitter swinging at air.

Pleskoff hits on the one thing Familia needs to improve on, that is his command. But the reports from the DWL were promising on that front.

Familia, only 24, is big and strong at 6-foot-4, 230 pounds which makes his presence on the mound even more intimidating. He’s one of the young Mets we are very high on.

(Photo Credit: Jeff Roberson/AP Photo)


  • Booboo

    Familia could be huge. If the Mets contend guys like him, Mejia, Lagares, den Dekker, d’Arnaud, and Flores need to come through. If 3 of those guys make it the Mets contend for a Wild Card. And then Montero, Syndergard and maybe de Grom and Puello. This could be a big year.

  • Familia is just one of many exciting bullpen arms for the Mets. I’m just hoping guys like Leathersich, Walters, etc get their shots instead of wasting away in the minors. There’s only so many bullets in a relievers arm. Hate to see them wasted.