Mets Pursuit Of Curtis Granderson Would Be A Good First Move

By Former Writers

November 12, 2013 No comments

Based on a NY Daily News post, Kristie Ackert writes that the Mets have made a move for Curtis Granderson, after he declines the Yankees one-year qualifying offer yesterday afternoon.


If somehow the Mets are able to sign Granderson and bring him to Queens, it may start a domino effect to land other key players. It always starts with one and then the others seem to follow.  Picking up Granderson, would sure up their lead-off spot and bring in a potent bat capable launching around 40 home runs and driving in at least 80 RBI’s.  He had a down season in 2013, only amassing 7 home runs in 61 games, which was his lowest output since 2005 when he hit 8 home runs in 47 games; but this time around his limited playing time was due to a finger fracture that cost him most of the first half of the season.

Granderson, in his first three seasons with the Yankees, averaged about 548 at bats, which tells how durable he is. So if fully healthy, he is capable of putting up big numbers and be the impact player the Mets desperately need, which will also complement David Wright in the everyday lineup.


Having Granderson play right field would also keep Juan Lagares, the Wilson Defensive Player of The Year for the Mets, in Center Field. A move that many Mets fans will be very happy to see. Its ironic how having Lagares start the 2014 season as the teams center fielder was not much of a thought and now it is all fans can think about, especially if he continues where he left off from 2013.

Granderson is a player the Mets need to be serious about and try really hard to land.  If and when they do, then other players will take them serious again. Can’t talk the talk unless your going to walk the walk, and by signing Granderson, the Mets are telling all the other Free Agents that they are serious and ready to talk.

So far the winter meetings seem to be heading in the right direction for the Mets, but until they can get a player to sign on the dotted line, Mets fans will not be satisfied with just speculation.  The Mets need to be very aggressive, make the best move to land Granderson and then everything else should start to fall into place. The next few weeks will be very interesting in the Mets camp.


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