Mets Sign 11th Rounder Cameron Planck for $1 Million

By Teddy Klein

July 12, 2016 23 Comments

It appears that the 11th rounder, High School right handed pitcher Cameron Planck from Rowan County High School in Kentucky, has signed with the Mets. There were previous reports that Planck had turned down third round money, which is around $600,000, and was looking for more to buy him out of his commitment to Louisville.

According to his twitter, that is locked, he stated:

I have decided to sign with the @Mets. I promised momma I’d make it one day and I finally have fulfilled my promise. Thanks for everything.

He was Baseball America’s #228 top draft prospect.

Planck is yet another big-bodied (6-foot-3, 225 pound) high school righthander with present physicality. The Louisville signee has shown plenty of velocity?he’s touched 95 mph and sat in the low-90s this spring?and his arm stroke is nice and clean. But his inconsistent delivery leads to control troubles, and his secondary stuff has been poor for much of the spring, although he will spin an average slider and then follow it up with three or four poor ones.

The bonus received by Planck was $1,000,001 giving the Mets $1,017,199 to sign #31 Pick Anthony Kay, whose slot stands at 1,972,100, and they need to sign Kay to keep themselves away from any penalties in the draft next year. Honestly, something is going on with the Kay camp for him to take less than slot. Stay tuned…

Additional Notes:

29th Rounder Alex Haynes is going to college:


  • Rocky Thompson

    If the Mets do not sign Kay, would they then not be over the 5% threshold? I would have to assume the Kay signing is a done deal.

  • Can’t sign him without Kay.

  • SynderGOD

    It’s great that the Mets were able to sign some of these high ceiling guys in the later rounds. Some of these HS guys might have ended up as 1st or 2nd round picks if they go to college.

  • Slobby79

    My maths might be wrong but if Kay takes about 280K less then his slot they would still be under the 5% threshold everyone included. Not sure what the 4th round pick got so that might help if its under slot. with available info and this dude at 600 k they are about 650 over the allotment. as they have 370 (4.9%) above pool to play with before draft pick compensation.

  • Glen

    Wonder what is going on with Kay? And nothing is out or any rumors that I have seen to get a sense one way or another. He has to sign

  • There are a few rumors swirling the physical

  • Glen

    Ok thanks Teddy. That’s what I was thinking the only thing it could be. Wonder if he signs then?

  • SynderGOD

    Planck signs for $1 million? Crazy. Is that a record for an 11th rounder?

  • Out of place Met fan

    If he doesn’t sign, Mets are over slot and will be penalized

  • He has to be signed.

  • nymets48

    The Brewers just gave their 11th round pick $1.2 million.

  • Teddy – this is my first time on here. Too bad I waited this long. I really like the few articles that I’ve read so far.
    I’m sure I’ll be back during some of those innings where the Mets are getting 2-hit by some unknown kid names Schlomo.
    Good stuff!

  • Rocky Thompson

    Anthony Kay was taken with the compensation pick for losing Daniel Murphy. With a majority of Kay’s slot money going to Cameron Planck, Planck is as much the compensation as Kay.

  • Chad Smiley

    Teddy, This signing is a big development in the Mets 2016 draft. I had all but given up on signing Planck. I’d guess this is going to push Anthony Kay’s number down to around 1 or 1.1 million.

  • Chad Smiley

    Teddy, Jonathan Mayo of MLB just made a correction stating that Mets 12th rounder Matt Clevelands bonus is actually $300,000. That’s $200,000 over slot and it gives the Mets another $100,000 to use.

  • I corrected it to 917K above a few hpurs ago.

  • SynderGOD

    I guess it’s not uncommon. LOL.

  • Joann Hughes

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  • MarSanti

    You’ve upgraded your mets Pokemon level coming here. Welcome! Teddy and Mayer for president!

  • danielm – LGM

    So, what I’m getting from this, is that the Mets already have a deal with Kay that so far underslot that they won’t go over their bonus pool. Now they really have to sign Kay for 900K underslot or else face serious penalty. That’s very strange. I wonder what’s going on.

  • Rocky Thompson

    The Mets will probably be over their pool bonus, but not 5% or more over their pool. Going over leads to a $$$ penalty, but going over be 5% starts affecting draft picks for next year’s draft. I believe the deadline for signing picks is July 15th, so everything will be resolved by then.

  • Hellobrooklyn

    SO ,was this a good draft for us? Obviously time will tell but back in 2011 I had a good feeling about the draft after reading all the reports. Today’s signings have me feeling a lot more optimistic about this draft.’14 and ’15 look kind of weak.

  • Michael Mayer

    For me, overall it was a solid draft. Got some good college talent in the early rounds and supplemented it with a couple of high upside prep arms. I think the Alonso pick gets overlooked (from me as well as first), dude has potential to be a big power bat which is rare these days.