Mets Sign Gio Alfonzo

By Mets Daddy

March 6, 2018 7 Comments


Photo from LI Ducks GM Michael Pfaff Twitter Account

The New York Mets have announced the team has signed infielder Giovanny Alfonzo to a minor league deal. For those who are wondering, yes, Alfonzo is the nephew of former Mets great and current Brooklyn Cyclones Manager Edgardo Alfonzo.

The 25 year old Alfonzo was drafted by the Miami Marlins in the 21st Round of the 2015 Draft. He would only play two seasons in the Marlins organization hitting .234/.290/.282 while playing in the New York Penn and South Atlantic Leagues. He was released after the 2016 season, and he signed with Bud Harrelson‘s Long Island Ducks team.

Last year, Alfonzo hit ..309/.338/.395 with 17 doubles, a triple, four homers, and 45 RBI in 106 games. His batting average was the fifth best in the Atlantic League. He did this while predominantly playing second and third base.

Alfonzo joins J.J. Franco and L.J. Mazzilli in having relatives who have previously played for the New York Mets.

  • unknown american

    3 guys who will never make it. wonderful.

  • JC

    every team has some “organizational guys” warm bodies that are career minor leaguers that plug holes when the “prospecs” or 4 A guys get called up to fill a hole on the big club. If those depth pieces can be guys with ties to the organization with names the fans may want to see and remember their father or uncle or cousin or brother did or is doing for the club (in the case of former met minor leaguers like Mike Glavin and Edgar Alfonzo) so much the better. this is a no harm no foul signing in my book.

  • Jason Mercado

    Organizational Depth. Not everyone can be a prospect.

  • Rick

    My thoughts exactly to the “unknown American”. Instead of actually going out and signing good proven talent, we sign family members with a name? Hey, maybe Oliver Perez or Bobby Bonilla have nieces or nephews or cousins who we can sign. Gotta keep those checks coming…right Bobby?
    I say fire the entire scouting staff, GM…owner…etc. What a joke!

  • Nessim Toledano

    not just some organizational guys… MOST minor leaguers are organizational guys and not bona fide prospects. Only 6% of the players who reach rookie ball will ever become major leaguers. the percentage goes up as the levels get higher, but even at double-A, only 33% of the players who reach that level will go to the majors. And many of them will simply bounce back & ofrth between the big league and AAA for a couple of years before washing out.

  • Melissa

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  • mpetr37349

    There is no reason not to sign this guy.