Mets Tony DeFrancesco To Replace Pedro Lopez As Triple-A Manager

By Mets Daddy

October 6, 2017 2 Comments

(Jacob Resnick/Mets Minors)

The New York Mets have hired former Houston Astros Triple-A manager Tony DeFrancesco.  DeFrancesco will replace the outgoing Pedro Lopez as the manager for the Las Vegas 51s.

DeFrancesco, himself, was terminated by the Astros after the Fresno Grizzlies had a 77-66 record finishing in second place in the Northern Division.  Prior to his termination, DeFrancesco has had quite a notable run in his three years as the Grizzlies manager.  In 2014, he led the team to the Triple-A Championship, and he won Baseball America’s Minor League Manager of the Year award.

It was more than wins and losses for DeFrancesco.  Over the past few seasons, he has overseen the development of an extremely young and talented group of Astros players including, but not limited to Carlos Correa and Alex Bregman

Prior to managing the Fresno Grizzlies, DeFrancesco worked in the Oakland Athletics organization, and he was a part of the Astros Major League staff.  After Brad Mills was fired in 2012, DeFrancesco took over as the interim manager with his first win coming against the New York Mets.  DeFrancesco holds the distinction of being the last National League Astros manager.

The New York native and Seton Hall graduate is seen as a analytical guy.  Theoretically, DeFrancesco would then work quite well with a Mets front office seen as an analtyical one.  It is also that front office’s first step in rebuilding their Triple-A coaching staff.

The outgoing manager, Lopez, lasted just one season with the 51s finishing in last place in the Southern Division with a disappointing 56-86 record.  More than the record, the 51s saw some players who had good 2016 seasons struggle this year.  Notably, Gavin Cecchini and Phillip Evans put up much better numbers in 2016 than 2017.

In addition to Lopez, Jack Voigt is out as hitting coach, and there are rumors Frank Viola will not return in his role as pitching coach.  Check back with MMN as the Mets continue to rebuild their Triple-A coaching staff.

  • Nessim Toledano

    Complete unfair and off base to mention Phillip Evans’ numbers in this context.
    Evans “much better” 2016 numbers were accrued at a lower level. And after an adjustment period in AAA, Evans numbers over the second half of the season were actually better than the numbers he’d posted in AA.
    Evans came to the major leagues a better hitter and far better prepared than either Cecchini or Matt Reynolds, both of whom have had multiple years in AAA, and multiple cracks at major major league playing time. He also played solid defense in his first stint in the bigs, something neither of the other two had done in their initial call-ups.
    Minor league baseball is the ultimate manifestation of the “Peter Principle”. Lopez is simply another victim of that principle.

  • The-rock-man

    I remember Lopez being the next manager of the Mets rumors. Strange how a season can do a massive turnaround on expectations. Does anyone have Wally’s number???