MLB Draft Update: Final Mock Run-Through

By Dilip Sridhar

June 4, 2018 No comments

Alec Bohm/Aaron Fitt (D1 Baseball)

Any guesses to who the Mets pick will be tonight? As we anxiously wait the pick Mets at around 8:30 or so, let’s take a look at the most likely options at No. 6.

Jarred Kelenic

There appears to be legitimate momentum towards Jarred Kelenic being the Mets pick tonight. The ball started rolling in that direction on Friday afternoon when Peter Gammons cited a scouting director linking him to the Mets. Fangraphs also did a mock draft where they mentioned there was a hard push for Kelenic late by the Mets.

Last night, Fangraphs released a draft podcast with their prospect guys. In the podcast around the 15:55 mark, they start discussing the Mets pick. They mention that there are baseball guys in the room and a rich idiot. The baseball guys want Kelenic and the rich idiot might want someone else. If the baseball guys get their way, the pick will likely be Kelenic. I have a good guess on who the rich idiot is (rhymes with Deff Dilpon). Eric Logenhagen also mentioned in the podcast that the Mets were in heavy heat to watch Kelenic recently.

Keith Law of ESPN also had the Mets taking Kelenic. He mentions him as the only prep player they have been linked to. In the mock, Keith also has Joey Bart going first overall to the Tigers over Casey Mize. JJ Cooper of Baseball America says he’s skeptical of Mize not going first but the odds have gone up that Joey Bart will be going first. Cole Winn goes second overall in the scenario that Joey Bart does go first overall which leaves Mize all for the Phillies.

Kelenic is arguably one of the best prep bats in this draft depending what your thoughts are on Nolan Gorman. Kelenic is likely maxed out in terms of his physicality but he is still extremely athletic. Some think he is like Brandon Nimmo but I think he has a higher hit tool than Nimmo did coming out of high school while Nimmo had more room to grow physically. In terms of defense, I think Kelenic has the athleticism and arm to play center field. But to be fair, Michael Conforto was considered a fringe defender and here he is holding is own in center.

Video courtesy of Prospect Pipeline.

Alec Bohm

Jim Callis and Jonathan Mayo of have the Mets picking Alec Bohm. In this situation, Mize and Bart go 1-2 respectively but the Phillies pull a fast one and take Madrigal. The rumor has been they will take Bohm if Mize goes first overall. By the time the Mets pick sixth, both Callis and Mayo say they will take a hard look at Kelenic (and Liberatore) but ultimately give them Bohm. Bohm is a really good hitter. He will probably be a really good hitter going forward. But he’s a sure first baseman in the pros and he lacks the athleticism of Kelenic.

Video courtesy of Fangraphs.

My Thinking 

Here’s how I think tonight shakes up: Mize, Bart, Bohm, Brady Singer, Nick Madrigal, and Jarred Kelenic (in that order). It sounds like the Mets really like Kelenic and for good reasons. The Jonathan India predictions have cooled but it remains a possibility.