MMN Exclusive Interview: Mets Top Outfield Prospect Desmond Lindsay

By Corne Hogeveen

March 24, 2017 3 Comments

Photo by Ed Delany

Photo by Ed Delany

Desmond Lindsay is one of the best prospects in the New York Mets system and quickly rising as he begins to show off his five tool potential. Here at MMN, we had Lindsay ranked as our #5 prospect in the Mets farm system.

The Mets took Lindsay in the second round of the 2015 draft, their first pick in that draft after losing their first round pick with the free agent signing of Michael Cuddyer.

Lindsay was projected to be a first rounder, but hamstring issues issues allowed him to drop in the Mets lap in the second. The Mets took their chance to get a first round talent in a year without having one.

The Mets drafted Lindsay from the Out-of-Door Academy in Sarasota, Fl. He played primarily third and first during his high school career. Hwoever, the Mets saw Lindsay as a center field prospect with a lot of tools to make that transition work out.

Unfortunately, injuries have limited Linsday to just 72 games and 236 at-bats over his first two pro seasons. Early in the 2016 season Lindsay battled with hamstring and calf issues, but when he came back he was outstanding for the Brooklyn Cyclones. Lindsay hit .297/.418/.450 with four homers and 17 RBI while walking 25 times and striking out 31.

Personally I’m a fan of Lindsay. He has speed, a strong arm, can hit for power and average and can play strong defense in center. If healthy Lindsay will have a bright future ahead of him.

In this interview Lindsay talks about his hamstring, being drafted by the Mets, the team he roots for among other things.

MMN: First of all thank you for your time answering my questions. How are you feeling at the moment?

Lindsay: I am feeling great, thank you.

MMN: You came to the Mets as a 2015 second round pick, the highest pick the Mets had in that season. How did that process go for you? And were where you at when you first got the news?

Lindsay: It was a crazy thing to go through at 18 but was one of the most exciting moments of my life so far. It all ended up going pretty smoothly at the end but my Mom was a huge help in the process. I was sitting on the couch with my mom and uncle when we saw that I had been picked by the Mets on TV.

MMN: You were expected to be a first rounder but hamstring issues cost you a first round selection. How is your hamstring feeling?<

Lindsay: My hamstring is feeling great right now. I spent the whole offseason working on strengthening it and working on flexibility and mobility in my lower half to keep me running at 100%. It all went very well and I am excited to be back playing healthy.

MMN: You grew up as a Mets fan. How is it to represent the team you love and root for?

Lindsay: It’s honestly a dream come true. I grew up watching baseball all the time when I was young and it’s a surreal feeling to know that I was lucky enough to get drafted by the team I rooted for when I was young.

MMN: You also had the privilege to play with one of your childhood favorites in Jose Reyes. Tell me about that experience and how is it like to play aside Jose?

Lindsay: It was very cool to be able to play with him. I always loved watching him play so when I found out he would be on our team for a couple of games I was very excited.

MMN: You played first and third in High School and learning to play center field in the Mets organization. How does it feel to be a center fielder and where do you want to improve upon next season?

Lindsay: When I first got moved there I was very nervous out there but now that I’ve been out there for a couple of seasons I feel way more comfortable. I’m starting to really enjoy the position. I’d definitely have to say I want to improve more in the outfield still. I feel more comfortable but there is still a lot of things I have to learn about the position to play it at a high level.

MMN: If another team drafted you in the second round, would you have signed then instead of going to college?

Lindsay: I don’t really know, I am just happy that the draft worked out the way it did for me

MMN: How is it like playing in Brooklyn, playing for a NY crowd?

Lindsay: It’s a very cool feeling playing in Brooklyn and really motivates you to get to City Field. I love playing in New York.

MMN: What is your earliest baseball memory and when did you noticed you had talent to become a pro baseball player?

Lindsay: My earliest baseball memory has to be right when I first started playing baseball and my mom was the coach of my team.

MMN: Can you give us a quick scouting report, with your strengths and weaknesses?

Lindsay: I’m sure that there are a couple of articles that could list my weaknesses but I’d have to say my biggest strength is my bat.

MMN: What are your goals for the 2017 season and where do you want to play in 2017?

Lindsay: I would just love to play a full season healthy and really be able to show everyone what I can do on the field without being held back by injuries.

MMN: How did you prepare for the 2017 season?

Lindsay: I really wanted to focus on the health of my legs so it was really just a lot of exercise focused on my lower half in order to get my legs in good shape again.

MMN: How do you prepare for a game?

Lindsay: I usually am in the weight room about an hour before game time running on the treadmill, rolling out my legs and just generally getting loose for the game. After that I like to take a quick hot shower and then get in my uniform, listen to some music and wait until it’s time to go out on the field and stretch.

MMN: Thanks for taking the time to answer a couple of questions. And good luck this season.

You can follow Desmond Lindsay on twitter @dez_lindsay