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November 1, 2013 1 Comment

Xorge CarrilloThe Mets signed catching prospect Xorge Carrillo in the 14th round of the 2011 MLB June Amateur Draft from Arizona State University. He was drafted every year in college leading up to his senior year, but decided to remain in school each time; I asked him why he chose to wait to sign with a team, “My mom always wanted me to finish school so it was important to me, so I tried to wait as much as I could until I was able to get my Bachelors degree,” says Carrillo.

In 2011, he started his first pro season with Brooklyn and shared what it was like, “Playing in Brooklyn was a humbling but amazing experience. It was the first time in my career I struggled offensively and it was a challenge, but I enjoyed and learned from it a lot.”  In 27 games he batted .217, with 2 home runs in 92 at bats.

In 2012, he was sent to Savannah and in just 11 games, he batted .154, with 1 home run in 39 at bats.  In 2013, he started the season with St. Luice and played in two games, then was promoted to Binghamton, and in 36 combined games, he batted .278, with 6 doubles in 115 at bats. Carrillo was given more playing time with the B-Mets and he proved that it was the right decision. He shared what part of his game improved the most from 2012, “My hitting was the biggest improvement since I was able to finally find my swing and put up good numbers,” says the catching prospect.

Not only did he improve from previous seasons, he also was able to enjoy a great B-Mets team that won their Division in 2013. I asked him what he took away from the experience, “Consistency is key to success in a baseball season in all aspects and this past year we were the most consistent team all year, in all aspects of the game and that is why we made history,” says Carrillo.

He is currently playing in the Mexican Pacific League with Aguilas de Mexicali, and through 13 games, he is batting .282/.300/.385 with a .685 OBP in 39 at bats.

Carrillo is another talented position player in the Mets farm system.  If he builds on what he did this past season, it will be exciting to see him improve in 2014.


Enjoy the interview:

David – Is there something that you would like to share with the Mets fans that they do not already know about you? Your interests, hobbies outside of baseball?

Xorge – I am a big family man, they motivate me and they have been there through thick and thin and I do everything for them. I love playing pool and listening to music and pretty much everything else is just baseball.

David – While growing up in Tijuana, Mexico who introduced you to game of Baseball?

Xorge – While being raised in Tijuana, my dad was the one that has always loved the game although he was a basketball player he always taught me the game of baseball as much as he could.

David – Did you have a favorite player growing up and if so, did you model your game after him?

Xorge – My favorite player growing up was Pudge Rodriguez, and yes I tried to model my way of catching like him but as I got older I realized I was more like the Molina brothers so since then Yadier Molina has been my idol and I try to model my game after him.

David – Who was a most influential person for you while playing at Arizona State University? 

Xorge – Coach Pat Murphy was and is a big influence in my attitude and mentality and I was blessed to play for him even if it was for a short period of time.

David – On the day that you were drafted by the Mets in 2011; where were you when you received the news? Can you describe what was going through your mind and who was the first person you called?

Xorge – When I found out we were actually in the post season at Arizona State, so I was at practice by that time. I got to my phone and half of my family and friends had already contacted me but I called my dad first although he was aware of the news already.

David – On August 17, the Dave Clark and Disability Dream and Do visited the B-Mets and held the first-ever baseball camp with the team, what was your experience with the campers and did it impact your life in anyway?

Xorge – That camp was an amazing experience that really makes you realize you are blessed to be able to play the game you love for a living. Its a humbling experience because all of those kids were having the time of their lives and to me that was priceless. Sometimes we take for granted what we can do on a daily basis and that camp taught me to try and never take anything for granted because we we are blessed with the abilities that we have.

David – What teammate has impressed you the most this season, and who should Mets fans be most excited about seeing in the future? 

Xorge – The Mets organization its full of talent, but this year I was impressed with Cesar Puello, which he helped me a lot and also Noah Syndergaard, which as we all know, has a bright future.

David – Is there a Mets manager or coach who has made an impact in your approach to the game and helped elevate your performance?

Xorge – I think both Pedro Lopez and Luis Natera this year made huge impacts in my game defensively and offensively and I was able to perform at the high level of the Eastern League.

David – As you look back on your career in the minors, do you feel like you are on track with the goals you set for yourself? If so, what are you expecting for 2014?

Xorge – I feel that the first two years were a little tougher than I thought but this past year I was able to get back on track and my expectations are the same as they have been since I was little, to make it to the big leagues.

David – What do you specifically need to work on as a player, and improve upon, in order to be ready to compete on the big stage?

Xorge – I think now-a-days the thing that I need the most is to stay consistent with all the aspects of my game and just stay healthy and keep playing hard every time I get an opportunity.

David – When the off-season arrives, what do you look forward to doing the most? Family time, friends time, or just rest?

Xorge – Well I really don’t get much time off since I play winter ball but when I do and get to be home most of the time, I spend time with my family, friends, and of course rest up and also get ready for spring training.

David – How will you prepare over the winter; can you describe your workout regimen?

Xorge – My workout regimen is to come back stronger as the year before and in better shape in order to avoid injuries during the year and be able to perform at the highest level throughout the long season ahead of us.

David – Anything you would like to share with the Mets fans?

Xorge – Excited to be a part of this organization and looking forward to keep chasing my dream with the New York Mets.


Thank you Xorge for allowing me to share your story with our great readers, who are tremendous Mets fans.  The catching position is one that every team wants to have a lot of depth in.  The Mets have done a good job picking up players that can handle playing behind the dish and also help the top pitching prospects to better their game.  Xorge is just another great prospect signing by the Mets and the hope is that in a few years he will make his debut and make a huge impact to the roster.

(Photo Credit – Mike Janes/Four Seam Images)

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