MMN Mets Midseason Top 50 Prospects: 10-6

By John Sasso

August 29, 2016 22 Comments


Photo Credit: Dustin Satloff/Brooklyn Cyclones

Photo Credit: Dustin Satloff/Brooklyn Cyclones

As we venture into the final ten of our countdown of the Mets mid-season top 50 prospects, we find tons of potential and a few familiar names. I would wager, that barring injuries, three of the five listed are consensus top 100 prospects in 12 months.

#10 SS Andres Gimenez

Ht: 6’0”  Wt: 165   Level: DSL Mets

B/T: L/R  Age: 9/4/1998 (17) Age Dif: -1.2

Acquired: Signed as an IFA in 2015

Preseason Rank: #28

2016 Statistics:  214 AB, 52 R, 75 H, 20 2B, 4 3B, 3 HR, 38 RBI, 46 BB, 22 K .350/.469/.523

Profile:  I am very adamant about not scouting the stat line, and don’t get overly excited about minor league numbers without context. When it comes to players in the DSL though, all that gets thrown out the window. Typically all we have on the players there is grainy video and whispers of current scouting reports to go with box scores

In regards to Gimenez, I am fully on board the bandwagon. His numbers have backed up the original scouting reports of an advanced approach, with good bat speed, and the athleticism to stick at shortstop. When looking at the numbers, the extra base hits and the walks compared to strikeouts stand out.

Rumors were he was asked about a lot by rival GM leading up to the trade deadline. The talent is there for a top 100 place on some lists, the only thing keeping him off is the level he is at, and someone will float him in the late 90s to be the early bird. He has superstar upside. 

What’s Next: It will be interesting to see where they place him, I think they challenge him with an assignment to Kingsport.

#9 CF Desmond Lindsay

Ht: 6’0” Wt: 200  Level: SS Brooklyn Cyclones

B/T: R/R  Age: 1/19/1997 (19) Age Dif: -2.1

Acquired: Selected in the second round of the 2015 rule 4 draft

Preseason Rank: #7

2016 Statistics:  86 AB, 17 R, 27 H, 4 2B, 4 HR, 14 RBI, 23 BB, 23 K ..314/.468/.500

Profile: Raw high ceiling, a baseball player that is also an athlete. The upside is there for a home grown star. Lindsay possesses all the tools needed to be an above average offensive center fielder, with the retirement of Ivan Wilson he may be the toolsiest (yes new word) of all Mets prospects  

The bat speed is plus, the bat to ball skills above average, and his foot speed would probably receive his highest grade.  He has also improved his fielding to the point where you can picture him staying in center fielder.

The only blemish is the hamstring injuries that resurfaced this season, (which is what probably let him fall to the Mets to begin with). He very well could have been in Columbia this season if not for the injury.

What’s Next: Columbia and if he performs, a mid-season push to St. Lucie. 

robert gsellman

#8 RHP Robert Gsellman

Ht: 6’4” Wt: 205   Level: Major League NY Mets

B/T: R/R  Age: 7/18/1993 (23)  Age Dif: -6.1

Acquired: Selected in the 13th round of the 2011 rule draft

Preseason Rank: #10

2016 Statistics: 4-9, 3.99 ERA, 20 games (20 starts), 115 IP, 113 H, 58 R, 51 ER, 31 BB, 88 K, 1.252 WHIP (with Vegas and Binghamton)

1-1, 3.72 ERA, 2 games ( 1 start), 9.2 IP, 9 H, 4 ER, 4 BB, 7 K, 1.34 WHIP

Profile: Well he certainly has the hair to stick in the Mets rotation. We all got to see what he can do when he was called upon to replace Jon Niese against the Cardinals.

Gsellman doesn’t strike out many batters (6.5/9 in his minor league career) but he does get outs. A ground ball pitcher who doesn’t beat himself, (though the Mets D may do him in on occasion). Gsellman will sit mid-nineties with a heavy fastball and shows good arm action on his changeup. 

His slider is developing and could become a plus pitch under the tutelage of Dan Warthen. His profile is a back end of the rotation starter, though there is enough upside to go with the build of an innings eating number three.

What’s Next: NY to stay through the end of the year. His future will be dependent on the health of the others in the rotation.

#7 LHP Thomas Szapucki

Ht: 6’2” Wt: 205  Level: SS Brooklyn Cyclones

B/T: L/L  Age: 6/12/1996 (20) Age Dif: -1.4

Acquired: Selected in the 5th round of the 2015 MLB rule 4 draft

Preseason Rank: #24

2016 Statistics: 4-3, 1.38 ERA, 9 games (9 starts), 52 IP, 26 H, 12 R, 8 ER, 20 BB, 86 K, .885 WHIP (with Kingsport and Brooklyn)

Profile: No prospect raised himself on the radar as much as Szapucki did. Another frequent name mentioned by opposing GM at the trade deadline that was thankfully rebuffed. Getting 55% of all the outs recorded via the strikeout while you are on the mound will do that. His 14.9 k/9 is easily the most dominant in all of the organization. (Noah Syndergaard is at 10.8 for comparison)

Szapucki has enough self awareness that he acknowledged he is a work in progress, finding consistency with his mechanics and has improved his changeup in the process. It has proved deadly when mixed with his north of 95 MPH fastball and a sharp curveball, some call it a slider. His profile has morphed from a lefty reliever to top of the rotation upside in less than a season.

What’s Next: Columbia to start 2017. 

#6 SS Gavin Cecchini

Ht: 6’2” Wt: 200   Level: AAA Las Vegas 51s

B/T: R/R  Age: 12/22/1993 (22) Age Dif: -4.5

Acquired: Selected in the 1st round, 12th overall, in the 2012 MLB rule 4 draft

Preseason Rank: #4

2016 Statistics:  412 AB, 66 R, 134 H, 26 2B, 2 3B, 7 HR, 43 RBI, 43 BB, 52 K .325/.388/.449

Profile: It is really unfair, that through no fault of his own, his inclusion at #6 seems anti-climatic with all the fresh names and faces. He has been around for a while, even making the MLB top 100 pre-2016 list. He has hit for a solid average over his last 1000 PA, though without much pop. (Just 69 extra base hits)

He is an instinctive player with good bat to ball skills and he owns a shortstop glove. The downside is the errors are alarming, 33 in 2016, but he is a good ball player. Just my opinion, his defensive miscues have gotten to the point where he is thinking on the field instead of trusting those instincts. His arm is not ideal for a shortstop, which lends itself to rushed throws, bad footwork, and poor positioning. All correctable once he stops over-thinking.

Everything about his game screams utility player. You may ask yourself why number 6 on the list then, because major league utility players have value especially ones who provide middle infield options.

What’s Next: There really is no reason to not have him up in September, and competing for a role in NY next spring. He should be in the mix for 2B where he will get some work during the Arizona Fall League. 

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  • Not4

    That that leaves Dunn, Nimmo, Becerra Smith and Rosario as the final 5. I have Lindsey ahead of Becerra. But with Becerra two levels higher, and therefore more proven, I can see your point of view. To me, with Lindsay being a full 2 years younger and already showing great strike zone control, coupled with more tools, I lean towards Lindsay. Becerra’s should issues nullify Linday’s hamstring issues in my mind.

  • Ronnie Mac

    Great Review. I really liking our future.

  • swimmer00

    Curious as to how Cecchini gets the tag of potential bench player, when he rarely strikes out, has the ability to get on base, can play both middle infield positions and is almost 5 years younger than the league average. And its not like he is hitting .280, the guy has raked the last few years. Sounds like he has the ability to be a starter on a team who really needs his barrel to ball consistency, like the mets. People are very power hungry and get hung up a lot on power numbers and extra base hit ability.

  • Take Profit

    i agree the kid has been spraying the ball to all fields and still very young. that gap to gap power will come and i think his doubles will rise. with the ability to hit and get on base if all goes according to planned he could be destined in the two hole for years to come. where to play him is the issue

  • Michael Mayer

    I think the ceiling with Lindsay is higher than Becerra but to me the injuries don’t even each other out because Lindsay has continued to have hamstring issues for years.

  • Not4

    But how many players have you seen over time whose careers end because of hamstrings vs. those who never recover from shoulder issues? Not a rhetorical question, curious what you can point to. I can think of a few players over the years who have struggled with hamstring issues (with Reyes being the most notable I can think of) and while it may have cost some some weeks and months at times, they typically are able to figure out ways to stay on the field. But that is obviously purely anecdotal, so curious if you can shed some light on others that I probably am not thinking about

  • danielm34 – LGM

    Because people have considered him a bust since the day he was drafted and refuse to look past errors to evaluate defense. He’d be our starting SS of the future if it wasn’t for Rosario. Now the door is open for him at 2B, so we’ll see if he takes over the starting job there sometime next year.

  • Out of place Met fan

    Definitely should be in the mix at second.

  • Out of place Met fan

    A lot of singles for playing in Vegas.

  • SynderGOD

    I know Lindsay is a few years out but after seeing him play I would definitely have him in my top 5 prospects. He just seems like a natural talent who will progress quickly through the system.

  • Not4

    Is Andres Gimenez hurt? Haven’t seen him in the box scores in a few games now.

  • Jgreen

    Didn’t expect Dunn to crack top 5. Looking forward to see Dunn and Szapucki in big league!

  • Out of place Met fan

    DSL METS seasona are over. Season recap should be ready by the weekend

  • Rocky Thompson

    Was Blake Taylor a consideration for top 50?

  • Out of place Met fan

    By some, but not enough support to be considered. He hadn’t pitched in over a year at the time of selection. And he didn’t exactly dominate before the injury

  • Dakota McKee

    Do you know if there’s a list or record anywhere of what players in the DSL were given six-figure bonuses (or higher like Guerrero and Jimenez)? With such few scouting reports and hard-to-evaluate statlines, that’s at least one way to know who was higher regarded among the crowd.

  • Out of place Met fan

    The BA top 30 list would be a place to start, and so comparison to rosters/league stats.

    A list where all the info is in 1 place, not so sure

  • Rae

    He is a huge detriment when playing the field. He makes too many errors and rushes his throws which cause more errors. He is a 2B man at best. He also did not hit when he was brought up to Flushing in September of 2017. Too much flotsam for the Mets to consider him to have much MLB worthy potential.

  • Rae

    He will never be the Mets starting SS unless Sandy Anderson looses his mind. Cecchini just does not field well at any position.

  • Rae

    Smith was terrible during his call up to the Mets in September of 2017. He was error plagued, and did not hit nor did he put the ball in play. He was also greatly out-of-shape at 22 years of age. Come on, this is not a guy that is going to have a great career defense wise although he will have HR power but not much else. He looked like an albatross running the bases. His fielding mistakes were not surmountable, and he did nothing to re-assure the Mets that he would be able to help them in 2018. Why do you think the Mets have Peter Alonso in Arizona fall league doing glove and foot work at 1B? For f___k sake the Mets would be better off bringing Lucas Duda back then wasting time on Dom Smith.

  • Rae

    Dunn is a relief pitcher and the Mets need to realize that. Conlon, Szapucki, Kay and Molina are starting pitchers but not Dunn.

  • Rae

    Lindsay has more potential but like Travis d”Arnuad he has been bitten by the injury bug. Lindsay has a great deal of hitting, fielding and throwing ability so I think the Mets minor league medical staff have to work on how to keep certain young players like Lindsay healthy. Personally I like Jayce Boyd, Kevin Taylor and Kevin Kaczmarski much more than I do Becerra. Bercerra is still too immature and needs more time where Kacz Boyd and maybe Taylor might be able to contribute to the Mets sometime in 2018.