MMN Recap: Bautista Picks Up Save, Hits 101 MPH

By Dilip Sridhar

August 16, 2017 20 Comments

Photo by Ed Delany

Las Vegas 51s (47-76) 6, Fresno Grizzlies (69-54) 5 Box Score

Gavin continues to hit. In his last 10 games, he’s hitting .310 with six walks to four strikeouts. Time to give him a look at second base. Carrillo hit a grand slam in the fourth.

Regnault ate three really good innings from the bullpen. Callahan had some really good stuff last night. According to the Las Vegas 51s radio announcer, his fastball was at 95-98 and his splitter had a lot of life to it.

Binghamton Rumble Ponies (70-49) 5, Erie Seawolves (59-62) 3 Box Score

David Thompson continues his hot hitting this month. He’s slashing .340/.386/.604 in the month of August including three homers his last three games.

Delgado was sensational but just missed finishing up the game. Cory Burns picked up the save, his 18th since taking over the job.

St. Lucie Mets (55-65) 5, Clearwater Threshers (61-61) 4 Box Score

McNeil has been absolutely raking since coming back from his injury. He might be making a push for a late season call up to Binghamton. Alonso continues to pile up his hits almost every game it seems.

It happened, Uceta finally gave up a run. Bautista has been electric since becoming a Met and more importantly, he’s only walked one batter. Last night he was consistently hitting 99-100 MPH.

Columbia Fireflies (60-58) 5, Augusta Greenjackets (45-70) 2 Box Score

Gimenez has been cooling off since August. It would not be shocking if he’s getting tired since he jumped straight from the DSL to full season action. Carpio stole his 17th bag, he has not bounced back from surgery as well as you would have hoped but he has still shown speed and other promising tools.

Blackham’s only small issue has been the walks this year. Other than that, he’s been dominant since returning from Tommy John Surgery. Ryan’s two innings stint tonight went a lot better than last time.

GCL Marlins (20-22) 6, GCL Mets (14-27) 2 Box Score

Vientos has shown more plate discipline lately. He came into the game with a 86 wRC+ but he is 2.4 years younger than everyone in the league.

  • RHP Nate Peden (0-1, 7.71 ERA): 2 IP, H, R (0 ER), BB, 3 K
  • RHP Liam McCall (0-2, 7.94 ERA): 1 IP, 2 H, 2 ER, BB, K
  • RHP Noah Nunez (1-1, 6.75 ERA): 1 IP, 2 H, 2 ER, K
  • RHP Yadiel Flores (0-0, 5.79 ERA): 1 IP, H, R (0 ER), 2 BB, K
  • RHP Ronnie Taylor Jr. (0-0, 8.10 ERA): 2 IP, 3 BB, 3 K
  • RHP Bryce Hutchison (0-0, 10.80 ERA): 1 IP, BB, K

It was the show of 2017 Mets draftees. The group walked eight but struck out 10. Nunez has struggled his last two times out but was dominant before that.

DSL Mets2 (43-18) 10, DSL Cubs2 (27-34) 1 Box Score

Newton has a phenomenal eye as evidenced by his 41:41 BB-to-K ratio. He could be someone to keep an eye on going forward.

Sanchez’s only blemish came in the third inning. Pinedo has been very good but erratic in his first professional season.

  • Im still wondering fate of Nimmo & Cecchini on this team.

  • rickh

    Oswalt should get chance flushing Sept. Thompson, Oberste, and Guillorme should get chance Vegas.

  • Rocky Thompson

    Only 19 days left in season for 51s. Makes more sense to leave them at AA and let them playing in AA playoffs.

  • Nessim Toledano

    I have to question the assessment of Cecchini. In what world does a 10 game stretch in the midst of a .265 season constitute “continues his hot hitting” and warrant a look at the major league role? Every time we see him in the big leagues or spring training, he looks like a boy among men. We’ll see him in September and if he looks better than he did last time, maybe he gets more of a shot. Thats all he deserves at this juncture. He’s 23 and still has two option [years] left. He gets here when he earns it. Thus far he hasn’t

  • Nessim Toledano

    Rocky’s right on the money about the playoffs. Besides that, I think you’re overstating it. They’re all doing fine and well enough to move up next spring, but none of them is breaking down the doors. Obie’s had a middling season. and is just getting back on track now. Thompson has had his ups and downs. Guillorme slumping right now. And the league is hitting .243 against Oswalt. Its fine, but it doesn’t scream “major league now”. Besides, he’s close to his innings limit. By the time the Eastern League playoffs are over, he’ll be maxed out for the year.

  • Nessim Toledano

    Why do these two get so much love and attention on this site? They’re both exactly where they belong right now. They haven’t earned bigger roles than they currently have. If they get better, their roles will grow.

  • Misk

    Small sample size, but lifetime 300 hitter with a . 883 OPS doesn’t sound particularly overmatched enough to characterize him as a boy among men.

  • Michael Mayer

    Maybe because both have gotten few chances at major league level, and when they have, they’ve actually shown they might be bench players at worst.

  • Jason Mercado

    Maybe the 1st round selection could be the reason. Also both guys seem to really love the game. Nimmo is a platoon guy at best if he could stay healthy. Cheech I don’t know bc he really hasn’t had a stretch in big league club to see if he could be 2nd base of future or a utility inf. Mots impressive thing ive seen was him hit a HR of Kershaw.

  • Paul Kuhns

    Idk About you but Everytime I have seen him in the MLB he has been good…?
    I think him and Nimmo should get chances to start this year see what you have! Why not. They both have played well when they have gotten ABs for the Mets. Grandy , Reyes and Cabrera are likely all gone, might as well try some young players

  • Conforto_NWUSA_DFA_AC

    Is that a picture of Bautista?

  • Michael Mayer


  • Nessim Toledano

    Yeah, they should get chances this year. In September when rosters expand. Other than the injuries, there’s no driving factor that says they need to come up now and push someone else out of the way.
    And Reyes and Cabrera are not gone yet. Plenty of reports have said the Mets are considering keeping one or both of them for next year.

  • Nessim Toledano

    Extremely small. Small enough to not matter. He was very weak in June. Showed a lot of improvement in Sept and actually drove the ball. But that disappeared in spring training. He may come eventually. But he’ts not breaking down any doors.

  • Nessim Toledano

    yeah, the 1st riound is the reason. But it shouldn’t be. It was 5 & 6 years ago. Its irrelevant now. Their performance now is what matters now. And neither one of them is breaking down the doors or doing anything that screams, “potential starter in 2018”.

  • Nessim Toledano

    I seriously don’t know about “at worst”. Maybe for Nimmo. But Cecchini could very well still turn out to be a 4A player or a career minor leaguer. He could also become a starter some day. But he’s done nothing special to date. He’s come very slowly. He can’t play the left side of the IF. His bat has regressed in AAA this year. He’s still a prospect. Just not a special one. Call him up when needed, or in September.

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  • philosophery

    On hindsight (20/20 vision), we could have drafted Corey Seager instead of Cecchini. Corey probably shifts to 3B to make room for Rosario.

    If only it were that easy!