MMN Roundtable: Our Favorite Prospects

By Mets Daddy

November 13, 2017 19 Comments

Photo By Ernest Dove

While covering the Mets prospects during the course of the season, we begin to develop our own favorite players.  Part of that is getting to know some of these players on a personal basis and another part of that is being a fan regardless of their prospect standing or their chances of making it to the majors.  To that end, here is the list of our favorite players:

Michael MayerMI Luis Guillorme

My favorite prospect in the Mets system would be Luis Guillorme. Hard worker that practices year round to make himself better. He’s absolutely worth the price of admission alone to watch him play defense. Heck, it’s even fun to watch him shag balls during BP. Few guys in the minors can put on a show like he does on defense. Shoutout to Nabil Crismatt (free agent now unfortunately) because he has a fantastic changeup and I’m a sucker for watching a starter with a good change.

Matthew Brownstein1B Peter Alonso

My favorite prospect in the Mets farm system is slugging first baseman, Peter Alonso. I’ve had the privilege of getting to interview Alonso on two separate occasions for MMO, and each time he came across as personable, humble, and hungry for success. Those kind of players are the easiest to root for, as you can clearly tell how passionate they are about their craft, and how committed they are to continued improvement. One thing that stuck out in particular when speaking to Alonso was how comfortable he felt to approach veteran players and ask questions. This to me indicates a willingness to learn and better prepare for what to expect in the majors.

Matthew’s interview with Alonso can be found here.

Ernest DoveRHP Cameron Planck

My favorite prospect in Mets system hasn’t even logged an official inning yet. I choose 19 year old pitcher Cameron Planck. I’ve gotten to know Cameron on a personal level. He’s humble, hard working and lives for baseball. You simply can’t teach maturity and small town values like he has.

Ernest’s interview with Planck can be found here.

Corné HogeveenRHP Joseph Zanghi

After Casey Delgado has left the organization I will go with Joseph Zanghi. Zanghi gave great answers in the interview I did with him. Cool guy easy to talk with.

Corné’s interview with Zanghi can be found here.

Matt MancusoLHP Thomas Szapucki

I would have to say my favorite prospect would be Thomas Szapucki. Although Tommy John Surgery will wipe out his 2018 season, he impressed in 2017 with a 2.79 ERA while playing for the Fireflies. His delivery is also very unique, adding deception to two already above-average pitches.

Jacob ResnickOF Wagner Lagrange

The easy answer for me is Wagner Lagrange. Not only is he a tremendous hitter, posting a .335 average in Kingsport this season, and the owner of a rocket outfield arm, but the 22-year-old plays the game with an unrelenting passion, one that every organization should hope all of their young players take to the field every day. He quickly became a favorite of ours in the Brooklyn press box last season, and his late August promotion to the Cyclones was a top highlight of an otherwise uneventful season.

Dilip SridharSS Andres Gimenez

This one was a tough one, but I will have to go with Andres Gimenez for this one though. I have been following him for some time and I only continue to be impressed by him. His bat speed should allow him to hit for more power. Gimenez slashed .265/.346/.349 with a 106 wRC+ in a league where he is 3.5 years younger than the average. He also walks a respectable amount while making lots of contact. I like Gimenez a ton for many reasons and there is a lot for fans to like about him too. He will likely rise quickly this year and should make lots of top 100 lists while entering a conversation about top 50. I really hope an infield of Gimenez and Rosario is not too far away for us Mets fans to enjoy. The only thing I do not like about Gimenez is his age. He will be the first Mets prospect to debut and be younger than me. I prefer to hang onto my youth for a little while longer.

Mets DaddyMI Luis Guillorme

Guillorme is a throwback player that reminds you of a time when middle infielders were expected to be exceptional defenders first and offensive threats second.  With respect to Guillorme, he’s a human highlight reel, including but not limited to catching Adeiny Hechavarria‘s bat.  However, he’s more than just flash.  He makes all the plays at both middle infield positions.  And don’t sleep on his offense, he knows how to get on base, and he’s dedicated to improving in that area.  As a tireless worker, you should bet on him continuing to improve in all aspects of his game.  To that end, he reminds you of his idol Omar Vizquel.

We hope you enjoyed our list, and we encourage everyone to share with us who some of their favorite players are in the comments section.