More Than One Trade Could Be In The Works For Mets

By Former Writers

August 27, 2013 3 Comments


Update by Matt M, 8/28:

Rubin updated us again, saying that there are multiple trades potentially happening for the Mets within the next 24-48 hours, which would facilitate the three below players getting added to the big league roster. The players likely to be in trade talks are the ones Satish R. mentioned below: Byrd and Buck, but also Pedro Feliciano, and possibly some players that are under team control through next season.

Rubin stated that five players — including Byrd, Buck, and Feliciano — are on revocable trade waivers.

Original article, 8/27:

Well, everything is up in the air right now, but sources have told Adam Rubin — who is a source himself — that Robert Carson, Matt den Dekker, and potentially Anthony Recker are all being called to the MLB team. Here’s the quote:

The Mets plan to promote left-hander Robert Carson and outfielder Matt den Dekker to the majors from Triple-A Las Vegas, according to sources, although the moves have not yet been announced.Anthony Recker also is believed to be joining the group.

So here are my thoughts on the whole ordeal… Rubin mentions that the Waiver Trade Deadline is on Saturday and this could definitely be the result of a waiver deal the Mets have pulled off. Off the top of my head, my mind jumped to the idea of Marlon Byrd and John Buck being traded to the same team for a prospect, and then Matt Harvey would get placed on the 60-Day DL. This would open up a spot on the 40-man for den Dekker and Carson, den Dekker, and Recker would hit the MLB team to replace them.

Let’s see how this plays out…

  • Mack Ade

    Good morning, Satish.

    I like your idea re: a pre 8-31 trade of Byrd/Buck… especially for an SP that has one year (2014) remaining on his contract.

    Sandy and Company could put all the rotation speculation to bed poste haste.

    Good work you’re doing over here… keep it up.

  • Thanks Mack.

    All in all, this is going to be a long day of reporting…

  • Phlorida_Phil

    What is the expected return on Byrd? I can’t believe he would bring anything of value back in prospects right?