Prospect Spotlight: Aderlin Rodriguez Is Setting St. Lucie On Fire

By Former Writers

May 26, 2013 No comments


Aderlin Rodriguez is having about as good of a month as anyone can ever ask for. He started off the season slow, but has done his best Human Torch impersonation the past thirty days, and has absolutely caught fire.

.321/.353/.571 with 6 HR & 30 RBI

Ad-Rod arguably has the best raw potential power in the entire Mets organization, and he has shown it off lately. Six of his nine home runs, and 30 of his 37 RBI have come in the past 30 days.

Rodriguez is known as a high-risk prospect due to the fact that he is a very aggressive swinger, and his body type raises questions as to whether he can remain at third base. Many project him as a future first baseman.

As you can see from his season statistics above, even with the past 30 days, his batting average is a non-eye opening .262 and he has 32 strikeouts to only six walks. His OBP is a paltry .288, which shows he still has work to do with regards to his patience at the plate.

There’s no doubt the talent is there with Rodriguez. Anyone who puts up numbers like the ones highlighted in big blue letters above has some ability. The question is whether or not he can continue to progress as a hitter, trust his hands, and be more selective at the plate. That will ultimately determine if he ever lives up to his tremendous potential. When it’s all said and done, he is likely to be a guy that hits around .250 and smacks 30-40 home runs if he makes it to the big league level.