Prospect Spotlight: Jack Leathersich Has Ice Water In His Veins

By Former Writers

May 29, 2013 No comments

Leathersich_statsJack Leathersich never fails to impress. His numbers this year are mind-boggling, and he took another step in his development during last night’s game.

Leathersich came into Binghamton’s game last night with his team up three runs, and two of the opposing team’s runners on base. Generally in a situation like this, you would be happy if the two runners scored, and your team was still leading by one going into the ninth.

Not Leathersich.

Leathersich came into that game and shut the door. He didn’t allow any of the inherited runners to score. In fact, he ended up striking out five of the six batters he faced (he allowed one hit). This kid has ice water in his veins and can be expected to get the job done, even if the pressure is on. He rose to the occasion.

Over the past ten games, Leathersich’s stats are ridiculous. Aside from a bad outing on April 30 where he allowed four runs, he has been lights out. Over those ten games, Letahersich has pitched in 13.1 innings, and has struck out 27 batters while only allowing four walks. He’s averaging over two strikeouts per inning, clearly has gotten the walks under control, and the only runs he allowed in the past ten games all came in that game on April 30 — ice water.

When Leathersich comes in the game, if an opposing hitter manages not to strike out, they should ask for the ball. It’s a small victory for a hitter that survives a plate appearance against Leathersich without striking out. When Pedro Lopez walks to the mound and taps on his left arm signaling for Leathersich, the opposing team understands that they are done scoring runs for the night.

This kid is one of the most exciting prospects the Mets have, and seems destined to have a spot in the Mets bullpen waiting for him if he continues on this meteoric rise. Expect Leathersich to get some time with Las Vegas very soon, and be in a position to join the Mets in Flushing before the end of the season.

(Featured Image: Gordon Donovan)