Rumble Young Man Rumble: Alonso Hitting For Power In Binghamton

By Mets Daddy

August 31, 2017 7 Comments

(Ed Delany/Mets Minors)

Due in part to a postseason push and due in part to his terrific hitting in St. Lucie, the Mets promoted Peter Alonso to a Binghamton Rumble Ponies team that could use a power bat in the lineup.  Just like he has done in the New York Penn League and the Florida State League, Alonso is mashing the ball.

Last night’s game against the Erie SeaWolves was the latest example.  In the game, Alonso would go 2-4 with two solo homers in the Rumble Ponies 5-1 victory.

With that game, Alonso is now hitting .333/.353/.667 with three doubles, a triple, two home runs, and five RBI in just eight games with Binghamton.  Overall on the season, Alonso is hitting .290/.361/.531 with 26 doubles, a triple, 18 homers, and 63 RBI.  Those numbers would be even more staggering if not for the time he spent on the disabled list this year with a broken hand.

When the Mets made Alonso their second round pick last year, they did it because they believed he was a big time power hitter.  So far, Alonso has delivered on that promise.  If he continues hitting for power the way he is, Alonso is eventually going to force his way to the Major Leagues.  For MMN‘s 9th ranked Mets prospect, that day is going to be sooner rather than later.


  • Jason Mercado

    Heck of a season from him. As he continues to make adjustments, i would hope he improves his defense and stays healthy. The injuries he suffered last two years were freak injuries. Hey you never know if Dom Smith falters or gets added in some trade Alonso’s power bat is always welcomed in any lineup. What I like seeing too is that he doesn’t strike out a ridiculous amount for a power hitter.

  • lightningboynine

    Minors numbers look very similar to conforto’s. Too bad he lost that month. I would have like to see him get more time in AA. Which would could have given him a chnace to start in AAA next year. Hopefully he gets Afl time, maybe at 3b.

  • Nessim Toledano

    3B is a pipe dream. He simply doesn’t move well enough.

  • mpetr37349

    I hope Smith knows about Alonso. He could use the motivation this offseason.

  • Chaka Paul

    Yes I agree! He’s reminding me of a RH Conforto with the way he’s just smashing every level of the minors. I also agree with you about that lost month but if he keeps this up I’d still lobby for him to start at AAA. Even if he doesn’t I’m sure he’ll be at Binghamton for a month at the most. He’s definitely going to have to learn a new position but from what I’ve read about his glove and foot work I can’t see 3B. IMO his future is in LF.

  • Nessim Toledano

    This is all very premature. You have no idea that he will continue to hit like this even in AA. The reality is that it takes up to six or so weeks to see whether or not the league will find a way to shut him down. And the league usually does. The real indicator of whether or not he is ready for a move up is how quickly he figures it out and makes the adjustments. Only a third of the players who reach AA ever get to the majors. And some of them take several years to bride the gaps between levels.

  • Chaka Paul

    Good points! Logic tells me to agree with you but call it a combination of emotions and my honest opinion of him when the Mets drafted him, I think this guy’s bat is the real deal! Still haven’t seen him play yet but based on the scouting reports I read when the Mets drafted him and his results so far I’m confident.